Published On : Wed, Jun 10th, 2015

Crime rate shows reduction claims Police Chief


Police Commissioner appeals for public support.


Nagpur: Police Commissioner Sharda Prasad Yadav started his address of the press meet accepting that one cannot deny the fact that crime is occurring everyday in Nagpur city. However, he went on to add that Nagpur City Police is striving to bring a control over the crime. He has appealed for public support and cooperation to ensure crime free city.


Police Commissioner Sharda Prasad Yadav was addressing a press conference after the review meeting of crime branch of Nagpur Police.

Police Commissioner S P Yadav presented the comparative study of the crime and crime-detection between the concurrent period of January 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015 to May 31, 2015. He did confess that crime is occurring in the city, but the police officials are continuously striving to bring down and control the crime in the city.



According to the Police Chief, the comparative study of the various crimes occurring in the city is certainly lesser than what it was in the same period last year.

He said that in the last year i.e. 2014, the incident of

  1. Chain snatching was      126
  2. Murders                           41
  3. Robbery                         238
  4. Vehicle thefts                 689

However, in 2015, the number of cases has a significant reduction.

  1. Chain snatching is                     76
  2. Murders                           35
  3. Robbery                         185
  4. Vehicle thefts                 632

Recently the Nandanvan Police personnel have arrested a gang involved in a series of chain-snatching.

Even if crime is occurring, the police personnel are leaving no stones un-turned to bring the crime rate under control. He has also assured that the police personnel will ensure that injustice is not meted out to any citizen.

He added that the personnel of Detective Branch attached with every police station have been directed by the Commissioner of Police S P Yadav to prove their efficiency.

According to the Police Chief the population of the city has become more than 40 lakhs. This automatically necessitates the increase in the number of police personnel too. A proposal to this effect has been sent to the Chief Minister who also holds the portfolio of the Home Minister.

He claimed that there are only 500 traffic policemen to manage a population of over 40 lakhs. He added that the crime is occurring, cases are being registered, problems and complications are there, but we have been and will continue to strive in bringing down the crime rate.

Traffic Cops work overtime to ensure accident free roads

While addressing the media personnel, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Bharat Tangde claimed that after completing a rigorous duty the whole day, the traffic cops undertake special drives to apprehend drunken drivers and traffic law violators in the night. He said that action has been initiated against 2690 drunken drivers. He claimed that the Traffic Department has sent a letter to the Regional Road Transport Authority to cancel the driving licenses of all these offenders.

They have constituted five squads who were equipped with the Speed Guns (which detects speeding vehicles) and has initiated action against 456 speeding drivers of two-wheelers. DCP Tangde added that there is a dearth of parking facilities. He claimed that a Committee has been constituted with Nagpur Municipal Corporation officials to look into probable parking spaces.

Joint Commissioner of Police Rajwardhan, Additional Commissioner of Police Shrikant Tarwade and Deepak Pande, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Deepali Masirkar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-1) Nirmala Devi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-3) Abhinash Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 4) Ishu Sindhu, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 2) Sanjay Latkar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Head Quarters) Shailesh Balkawde and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Branch) Vijay Pawar and other senior police officers were present during the press meet.