Published On : Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Crime Branch down with Covid-19, working goes haywire in Nagpur

Nagpur: The dreaded Covid-19 that has rattled police department has now penetrated all units of Crime Branch in Nagpur city and thus the working has gone haywire. The ‘Commander’ and several of the personnel of Crime Branch have been down with the virus.

Being the vital unit in the Police Department, the Crime Branch plays an important role in cracking complicated crimes. The Crime Branch has five units in Nagpur. All these five units have been hit by the dreaded Covid-19. The Additional Commissioner of Police Dr Nilesh Bharne who is ‘Commander’ of the Crime Branch has been infected by virus.

Apart from Dr Bharne, several personnel of all the five units of Crime Branch are down with the virus. This has led to the working the vital branch going haywire. In the past two weeks, the Additional Commissioner of Police, some Senior Police Inspectors and 28 other personnel tested positive for coronavirus hitting the working hard.

The infected personnel in each unit:

Unit 1: 7

Unit 2: 3

Unit 3: 9

Unit 4: 3

Unit 5: 6

Traffic Branch too hit:

A total of 26 personnel including some officials of Traffic Branch too are infected by the virus. The development has slowed down the working in the branch. Notably, a whopping 676 police personnel in Nagpur city have been infected with the coronavirus so far.