Published On : Tue, Jan 16th, 2018

CPC brings out tons of energy at its annual meet!

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Nagpur Today.

City Premier College (CPC) students enjoyed the whale of time together at their annual meet recently held at newly built Suresh Bhatt Memorial Hall. As the celebration peaks the atmosphere was filled up with loads of joy and tons of energy.

Students prepared short movie with their acting editing skills which was showcased to the gathering. Besides, the cultural program organised at the event also added to the fun.

And what’s a college event without an award! This one too had its fair share of list of awards. While Ravi Jhamnani was awarded as CPC idol for 2018, the most popular award ‘Student of the Year’ went to Yash Parate for excellence throughout his 3 years stint in the college.

Many award for academic excellence was also given to students.

Managing and organizing committee of students were appreciated for their relentless efforts.

Every person who attended the annual meet too back with moral and nice memories with their friends and colleagues.

Rupal Bhope


Shamita Bhonsle & Shaleen Sharma


Deepali Naidu and Neha Acharya


Tanisha Kochhar


Astha Gorle, Simran Saini & Krutika Brahma




Abhi Bajpai


Kajal Panchal, Vaishali Panchal & Roopali Kawle


Nikita Raj


Khushboo, Harshita, Diksha, Palk


VJ Farhan Kazi


Mukush Deshpande


Ravi Jhamnni & Sharan Rawat


Owis Talib (Officiating Principal)


Sayali Jawkhedkar, Prachi Phadke & Pranita Tapas


By Farhan Kazi
Pics by Kunal Lakhotia