Published On : Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

Couple sells 16-yr old daughter for Rs 40,000 to a man who rapes her after “marriage”

nagpur-shameNagpur: In an atrocious act, a 28-year old man ‘purchased’ a 16-year old girl from a needy couple and married with her despite knowing she is minor. After the “marriage,” the accused exploited the girl physically and raped her for over one and half years. The accused ‘husband’ and parents of the girl have been booked under various sections.

The accused parents, Radhika Ashok Nikhare and Ashok Mahadeo Nikhare, sold their 16-year old daughter to Shankar alias Sudhakar Ganpatrao Moudekar (28), resident of Kotwali area, for mere Rs 40,000 and also got her married with him despite knowing she was minor. After the “marriage,” the accused “husband” exploited the 16-year old “wife” to the hilt by raping her over a period of one and half years. However, for reasons better known to the victimized girl, she approached Kotwali police and registered a case against her parents and the “husband” in this regard.

Kotwali PSI Sahare, based on the complaint, has booked the parents Radhika Nikhare, Ashok Nikhare, and the “husband” Shankar Moudekar under Sections 376(2)(I)(J)(K)(N) of the IPC read with Sub-Sections 4, 6 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act and Sections 9, 11 of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 and investigating the matter further.