Published On : Tue, Sep 7th, 2021

“Corona gheun ja ge Marbat!” echoes Nagpur amid third wave scare

Nagpur: The 137-year-old annual tradition to take out procession of Kali, Pili Marbats and Badgyas in order to drive away various societal evils took again, a low profile this year owing to the pandemic outbreak in Nagpur and Vidarbha region. Adhering the norms set by the District Administration this year again, it did not follow the trend of mass gatherings, the sentiments were evident as chants echoed within – “Corona gheun jaa ge Marbat!”

The unique event on the second day of Pola festival, has become an identity of Vidarbha, especially Nagpur city, as a rich tradition keeps adding to its uniqueness.

The highlight of the crowded procession is Milan (meeting) of Kali and Pili Marbats at a designated spot. Thousands and thousands of people thronged the procession route with posse of media persons covering the event. Owing to mass gatherings, which could trigger spread of virus borne disease, the procession has been called off.

The high pitched chants of “Eeda, peeda gheun jaa ge Marbat” (Take away all social evils and human miseries) marked the Kali, Pili Marbats as well as the famous Badgyas on the streets in East Nagpur. The two effigies of ‘Kali’ (black) and ‘Pili’ (yellow) Marbats are eloquently used as symbols to express pent-up fury by common people against evils haunting them. It may be rising prices, unpopular government decisions, other current topics etc that are tormenting the common people.