Cops turn ‘merciful’ on Dwarka Water Park over ‘merciless’ beating of youths!!

Group of youths having birthday bash thrashed by security guards for no reason

Nagpur: In an incident exposing police complacency in serious matters has come to the fore. It so happened that some youngsters had gone to Dwarka Water Park, situated on Saoner Road, near Waki Darbar, Waki, to enjoy picnic. However, the youths were thrashed black and blue by the Park security guards for unknown reasons. But the Khapa police under whose jurisdiction the Water Park comes under, threw all their might to cover up the sordid episode, of course, for obvious reasons. It is not the first time that the Water Park indulged in such outrageous acts. But the police, instead of acting tough, try to save the skin of the operator of the park.

The security guards and the operator of Dwarka Water Park claimed that the youths were in inebriated condition and indulging in indecent acts. Hence they were ousted from the Park.

However, it is pertinent to mention that there is not a single Water Park in Nagpur District where you would not find people in ‘high spirits.’ Consuming liquor is common. The youngsters go to Water Parks for fun in their own way. But the youths who had gone to Dwarka Water Park to celebrate birthday of their friend were beaten mercilessly by the security guards. The beating was so severe that it could have proved life threatening for some. A youth named Ankush Wasnik fell unconscious due the thrashing and 3-4 other youths suffered serious injuries. All the injured were admitted in Mayo Hospital.

The relatives of Ankush Wasnik claimed that the affairs in Dwarka Water Park are so dubious and high-handed that even police find themselves helpless. Ankush and some other youths had gone to celebrated birthday of one of their friends named Rahul, all residents of Panchsheel Nagar in city. During the fun, one of the security guards heckled Ankush. Even before Ankush could ask the security guard the reason behind his heckling, 7-8 other guards reached the spot and took Ankush to a room. There he was beaten mercilessly. When his friends tried to save him, they were showered with lathis and thrashed severely, the relatives of Ankush charged.

Khapa police, based on a complaint, although registered an offence against the accused under Sections 324, 504, 506, 34 of the IPC but were found dragging their feet from initiating a stern action in the matter. Earlier also, police were found in cover up operation when a toy train in the Park had met with an accident in which some teachers and students of a school were injured. This incident was also buried under the weight of the influential Water Park operator.

Dwarka Water Park version:
When contacted for comments on the incident, the operator of Dwarka Water Park, Dharmendra Ramani told Nagpur Today that the facts stated by the complainant are baseless and false. “The youths misled the police. All the youths were drunk and indulging in hooliganism. The drunk youths were trying to sabotage the park premises and were hurling filthy abuses. However, when our staff tried to intervene, they misbehaved with them. Subsequently, the staff asked the hoodlums to leave the Park,” Ramani clarified.

When asked whether the staff thrashed the youths or not, Ramani asserted that, “The youths were drunk and they lost balance at the staircase and fell. These all are baseless allegations,” Ramani said.