Published On : Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Cops seize 76 illicit country liquor bottles

Nagpur: Shantinagar police have seized 72 bottles of country liquor worth amounting to Rs 43,600 and registered an offence under section 65(A) and 6001/17 section 65 (A) of CrPC against Shekhar Raju Gajbhiye resident of Shantinagar ghat.

According to the police sources, Shantinagar Beat Marshal Police constable Gayaprasad Verma of Shantinagar Police Station had got information that illicit country liquor is being taken on a white colour Suzuki Access No. MH-49/K3468. Police constable Gayaprasad Verna along with Police constable Tushar Tidke, Police constable Manish Meshram laid a trap and they stopped the scooter Suzuki Access between Ghat road to Kavarapeth road in front of Kuttewale Baba Math in the evening of Wednesday 10 Jan. The scooter was stopped and the owner of the vehicle was asked his name and address. Shekhar Ramaji Gajbhiye, 48 informed that he was a resident of Shantinagar Ghat road near the country liquor den. On inspecting the vehicle the police found one and half box of liquor bottles worth Rs 43,600.

The action was taken under the guidance of Police Inspector Kishore Nagrale by Police constables Gayaprasad Verma, Tushar Tidke, Manish Meshram and Suraj Jawarkar.