Published On : Mon, Apr 1st, 2024

Cops arrest two from Odisha who went on chain snatching spree in Nagpur!


Nagpur: In a breakthrough development, the Nagpur police have apprehended two suspects believed to be responsible for the chain-snatching spree that rocked the Second Capital of the State on March 28. Identified as Jafar Ali Bholi Ali (19) and Zahir Hussain Wald Mohammad Bihar (19), both residents of Odisha, the accused were arrested following intensive investigations and public assistance in identifying the suspects from CCTV footage, informed Commissioner of Police (CP) Dr. Ravinder Singal addressing a press conference on Monday.


It is pertinent to mention that street crimes have once again plunged Nagpur into a state of anxiety as robbers wreak havoc, snatching cash and valuables worth lakhs of rupees from unsuspecting citizens. In a brazen display of audacity, two-wheeler-borne assailants went on a chain-snatching spree, leaving six women in shock and substantial losses in their wake. The incidents occurred in broad daylight, spreading fear across various neighborhoods including Tehsil, Hudkeshwar, Sakkardara, Bajaj Nagar, and Beltarodi.

The sudden surge in chain-snatching incidents has left the city police perplexed despite their claims of heightened vigilance ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. On Thursday, March 28, the robbers struck with impunity, targeting primarily elderly women, and managed to evade capture despite the intensified patrolling efforts.

“Using Google Maps for navigation, the perpetrators executed their crimes, striking at multiple locations within a span of just two hours. The first incident took place near Nikalas Temple at around 8:15 am when Bharti Salunkhe, a 42-year-old woman from Jabalpur, fell victim to the robbers as she disembarked from an auto-rickshaw,” CP informed.

“The chain-snatching spree continued unabated as the assailants struck in quick succession, robbing victims in Hudkeshwar, Sakkardara, Bajaj Nagar, and Beltarodi areas. Despite the police’s concerted efforts to apprehend the culprits, including setting up checkpoints and sealing exits, the perpetrators managed to evade capture,” he added.

The robbers’ trail eventually went cold near Nagpur railway station, leading authorities to suspect that they might have fled the city by train. CCTV footage revealed that the assailants appeared to be unfamiliar with the city, relying heavily on Google Maps for navigation.

Following the probe, cops traced the accused to Odisha and nabbed two of them. One of their accomplices is still at large, CP mentioned.