Published On : Sun, Sep 7th, 2014

Cops appealed to exercise “None of Above” option in Assembly poll to highlight injustice

Maharashtra Nirman Sanghatan has taken serious note of low wages, no cognizance of valuable service rendered by policemen and there appealed them reject all the candidates contesting the polls.

pic (2)Nagpur News: Taking a serious note of low wages and no cognizance of valuable service rendered by policemen, the Maharashtra Nirman Sanghatan has appealed the police personnel to exercise their right to reject candidates and subsequently click on “None of the Above” option button in the coming Assembly election in Maharashtra in order to wake up Government from deep slumber and provide justice to them. “The Police Department is serving the society day and night and they are not less than social workers but what they are getting in return?” questioned Nilesh Nagodkar of Maharashtra Nirman Sanghatan at a press conference organized in Tilak Patrakar Bhavan on Saturday, September 6, 2014.

Talking to the media, Nilesh Nagodkar said that Maharashtra Nirman Sanghatan is trying to provide the problems of police personnel a platform. The Sanghatan has done a survey in the city to ascertain the status of policemen and the problems being faced by them. “We found that policemen are not getting the salary they deserve, they are working continuously for 12 to 14 years and sometimes have to work even in three shifts at a stretch without payment of overtime. Due to the working schedule the police department has they are not able to give time to their family and friends hence deprived personal life,” lamented Nagodkar.

“The Government’s lackadaisical approach towards the police personnel is totally unjustified and the apathetic attitude needs to be changed with decisive step like rejecting all the candidates contesting the Assembly elections,” said Nagodkar.

Others who were present in the press conference included Vijay Marodkar, Prashant Bharti, Vivek Nawnurwar and Omprakash Jaiswal.