Cop saves young girl drowning in Ambazari Lake in a daring rescue act

NPC Madhukar Rathod
A policeman saved a young girl’s life in a daring rescue act in a dramatic moment.

The braveheart cop, NPC Madhukar Rathod, attached to Ambazari Police Station, was on duty as Beat Marshal 3 between 10 am and 10 pm on Friday (March 3). When Rathod was patrolling Ambazari Lake area around 9.45 pm, he heard a commotion. People standing near the lake were yelling for help. Hearing the shouts, Rathod rushed to the spot and was taken aback to see a young girl had jumped into the lake. She was struggling to stay afloat.

The girl was desperately trying to tread water. Without wasting time, the NPC Rathod leapt into the water not bothering the walkie-talkie and pistol he was carrying. Ultimately, the policeman succeeded in dragging the girl out of water safely. The identity of the saved girl could not be ascertained.

Salute to the braveheart policeman.