Published On : Sun, Aug 2nd, 2015

Cool buddies to Senior lot…Friendship fun soaks all!

Nagpur: As the shying sun in Nagpur gave way for a pleasant and comparatively cool, albeit without rains, Sunday morning, the flavor of friendship grew rich and ravishing among long time friends, professional buddies, cool new dudes and even not so friendly people. The scene is really vibrant and quickly lends itself to emotional bond that is shared among friends from three different generations.

Yes, the ages long generation gap fails to diminish the fire of friendship as it spread like a wild fire and engulfed the age boundaries.

This Friendship Day, Nagpur Today takes you to catch the moods and colors of Frienship in different age groups.

Senior Energy Levels!

old-ageTo begin with, the enthusiastic and energetic as always, senior citizens made their usual dos somewhat special. Clubbed up for a long and hearty laugh with a heavy dose of breakfast, the elder members at various city gardens are seen having fun among friends. The atmosphere was much more lively as the members spilled beans over their childhood friends, some of whom are still together. A lot many cracked jokes and spent whale of time together.

Middle-Aged Mindful Session

photo 2 (1)Coming on the middle aged people and working professionals, these friends have chosen to catch up at their long time places of meetings. Some of the favourites are good old south Indian restaurants where these matured friends meet up to grab good times together. Over the worthy meals and tea or coffee, these groups are chatting tirelessly and enjoying a stretched out jamming session. Most of the office friends have planned for a weekend escape to some nearby getaways.

And…the Cool Dudes!

photo 1 (2)Full of infinite energy and brainstorming chat sessions, the free spirited young and going lot of Nagpur are filling up the upscale coffee shops and multiplexes with the freshness of youth. Together they are meeting up at their hot hangouts like Futala Lake, Ambazari lake and yes, the famously infamous Botanical Garden. The mingling together of these friends appear to be fading off the fine line between a friend and that someone special, which is also called ‘just a friend’. The Friendship accesories are the big fad in this group as friendship bands and gifts galore. Amidst all the clubbing, eating out and gifting sessions, the common thing is that all of them are mingling and catching up like a house on fire.

Nonetheless, the bandwagon of bachcha party is also following the trend by sharing exchanges and those naughty and cutie friendship bands.

Yo..ho…Hurray…we too are brimmed with loads of fun, emotion, extravaganza and excitement…!

Nagpur Today Wishes You All A Very Happy Friendship Day!
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