Published On : Mon, Apr 5th, 2021

Contribution of Nagpur Smart City is laudable: Mayor

Smart City Advisory Forum meeting held

Nagpur. Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL) has played a vital role in implementing the guidelines and rules of the Covid -19 pandemic. The Smart City has monitored the crowd through surveillance cameras as well as drone and informed the police authorities regarding unwarranted crowds in the market places. This has helped local authorities to disperse the crowd. The Smart city also provided free WiFi to the citizens and students with the concept of benefitting the students of Nagpur for their online education. Smart city is doing a laudable job for the city, said Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari in a meeting held recently.

A meeting of Smart City Advisory Forum (SCAF) recently held at the conference hall of NSSCDCL in which Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari chaired the meeting while Rajya Sabha Member Dr Vikas Mahatame, MLA Krishna Khopde, MLCs Pravin Datke, Abhijeet Vanjari , Chief Executive Officer Mrs Buveneswari S (IAS) and Mahesh Moroney, Deputy CEO, were present prominently.

Further Dr Sheel Ghule , General Manager, E-Governance Division updated the forum that NSSCDCL has created a Dash Boards for record of Covid patients and availability of beds. Smart city updated the data on daily basis and provided to the concerned Authorities.

Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari has suggested to update the present cameras with night vision cameras with an advanced feature in it. He also suggested to develop Smart Parking at various congested places in the city to discourage the on-street Parking and to reduce congestion on the streets to make Pedestrian-friendly/ walkable streets.

Buveneswari S, (IAS) CEO, Smart City informed the Forum that It is proud for Nagpur city to be the only city in Maharashtra to get shortlisted in the “Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge”, an initiative launched by the Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in collaboration with the Bernard van Leer Foundation and technical partner WRI India. She further added the status of the “Streets for people” challenge initiated by Smart Cities mission and Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

The Smart City has proposed five projects on a pilot basis at Prabhag 30, Nehrunagar Zone . These proposals would help to improve quality of life for children aged 0-5 years old and their families. Proposed solutions aim to make streets safer and more walkable, reimagine open spaces for play and interaction, adapt public spaces with early childhood amenities and improve access to early childhood services, focused through powerpoint presentation on Nurturing Neighbourhood challenge by Dr. Pranita Umredkar, GM I/C, Environment Division. She also told that, the city have to experiment, and implement trials and pilots over the next six months to demonstrate early wins, solicit citizen participation, and build consensus around the proposals.

In addition to physical interventions, to get more support for design city should propose public engagement activities involving the Stakeholders. South Nagpur MLA Mohan Mate and MLC Abhijeet Vanjari, may support for pilot implementation and citizens engagement, suggested by Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari.

Dr Umredkar also presented the concept for transforming the Sitabuldi Market and economic regeneration of Sakkardara lake road proposal of the winning designs, under the Streets For People Challenge. For better shopping experience throughout the day, NSSCDCL should test the pilot interventions by reconfiguring the various activities on the market street so as to create a dynamic, vibrant, secure and inclusive shopping street to encourages citizens for walking and shopping also suggested by Mayor during the meeting.

The presentation on status and progress of Area Based Development the project was also given to the Forum. It was updated that as the Draft Town Planning Scheme of NSSCDCL is pending for approval from the State Government of Maharashtra, therefore the speed of the work progress is slow. In the meeting, Tejinder Singh Renu, President of Nagpur Residential Hotel’s Association, Leena Buddhe, Centre of Sustainable Development, Vivek Ranade, Civil Action Group, Kaustav Chatterjee, Geen Vigil Foundation, Dr Prashant Daigavane, Dean Civil Engineering Department, Bhanupriya Thakur, Company Secretary, Neha Jha, CFO, Rajesh Dufare, GM Mobility, Rahul Pande, Chief Planner were present in the meeting.