Published On : Mon, Aug 8th, 2016

Consumer is king, GST bill will enable ‘One Tax One Service’: PM Modi

modiNew Delhi: Prime Minister addressed the Lok Sabha on the contentious GST Bill. In his speech, he said the passage of the bill was a victory for India.

Here are the highlights of the speech:

>> Today, an important move to free the nation from tax terrorism has begun

>> Want to thank all parties, state governments. We are taking a decision which RS, LS, States have thought about in great detail

>> This can’t be seen as a victory of a party or government, it is a win for the democratic ethos of India & a victory for everyone

>> It’s true that someone gives ‘birth’ while someone else ‘nutures it. It is not a victory of a particular political party

>> GST means Great Steps Towards Transformation/Transparency

>> A trust between the Centre and states developed. This was not about a parliamentary majority. This is about consensus

>> When I see the GST Bill from the eyes of a chief minister, after becoming the prime minister, I am able to understand the position of states better

>> GST will give security to small scale manufacturers. They are the strength of our nation. The more we secure them, the more this country will benefit

>> India gained independence but we are still fighting poverty