Published On : Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Constitution Day celebration in Yeshwant stadium attended by 1.25 lakh students


To spread the importance of the Indian Constitution, India is observing November 26 as the Constitution Day of India. The day has also been declared as the Constitution Day to spread awareness about the its architect Dr B.R. Ambedkar. This was announced by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, after he laid the foundation stone of Dr Ambedkar Memorial at Indu-Mills Compound. WP_20151126_020

Modi also said that “on this day, every year, school children will be taught about constitution and Dr Ambedkar.”

1.25 lakh students from various schools of Nagpur will be reading out the constitution together.

Excerpts: On the occasion of Samvidhan Vivas (Constitution Day), there were about 1.25 lakh school children and citizens present at Yashwant Stadium here in the city on Thursday morning, and the Preamble of Constitution was collectively read out by all. The event of reading the Preamble made a record, and it got incorporated in Asia Book of Record, as announced by representatives of Asia Book.

Speaking on the occasion, CM Devendra Fadnavis said, “Our Constitution is best among the all other constitutions of the world. It has provided the citizens the way of living. It is a guide to all and protects the interests of all. Indian Constitution provides right to equality. Its contents must be imbibed by all citizens, and not merely read, and if it is sincerely done, the country can reach to a newer and worth enamouring height. The government runs on the basis of Constitution only and it will prove a torchlight for further progress of the country.”WP_20151126_002

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, though not present here in the programme due to his being occupied in Parliament’s Winter Session, in his message said, as follows:

“Abiding by the Constitution is our commitment. It is the strength of our nation and keeps all of us united. The Prime Minister has decided to celebrate this date, Nov 26, as Samvidhan Divas, and such programmes to mark the day are commendable. It may be remembered that the Constitution is the power of democracy.”

Maharashtra Social Equality and Justice Minister, Rajkumar Badole said, “The base of Constitution is socialism and secularism. It aims at providing social, political and economic justice to all.”