Published On : Thu, Apr 2nd, 2015

Constable’s ‘bold’ who exposed shabby affairs to media now faces harrashment

jeil-polic-169x300Nagpur: The ‘bold’ statement given to media by a police constable on duty at Nagpur’s Central Jail exposing shoddy affairs being run in the prison boomeranged. Now, the police constable finds himself hassled and harassed by higher authorities.

The ‘daring’ jail break and escape of five dreaded prisoners from Nagpur Central Jail a couple of days ago sent shockwaves across Maharashtra and shook the Government to the core. The jolted Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, taking serious note of the “Great Escape,” immediately suspended Jail Superintendent Vaibhav Kamble. Moreover, the Additional Director General of Police Meera Borwankar visited the jail and inspected the jail and investigated the audacious jail break. The already red-faced authorities were put in a fix by the revelations of the police constable.

The Police Constable Vijay Gawli, on duty at the jail, talking to media soon after the escapade, ripped apart the system and brought to the fore the slipshod functioning of Nagpur Jail. He had levelled damning allegations against the jail authorities in a very convincing manner. However, the ‘bold’ statement of the Police Constable Vijay Gawli, it seems, boomeranged. The ‘angry and disgusted’ higher authorities are allegedly putting pressure on him by various ways and means. Outraged by the pressure tactics of higher authorities, the Police Constable went a step ahead to rub the salt on injuries of the bosses.  He has lodged a complaint with Dhantoli Police Station against the higher authorities.

The complaint of Vijay Gawli has, ostensibly, created ripples across police circles in Nagpur, and most probably, bosses in Mumbai.