Published On : Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

Congress party should start self-realization instead of commenting over selfie: Uma Bharti


Cabinet Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Project Uma Bharti was in the city to review the drought situation in Vidarbha on April 18, 2016.

While commenting on the way the opposition party which has been targeting Minister of Rural Development, Women and Child Welfare Pankaja Munde for taking a selfie in drought hit Lathur, She said that the opposition is trying to divert the attention from the pressing issue of drought.

Uma Bharti went on to claim that infact Congress is responsible for the present drought situation in Latur. She claimed that BJP government is in-fact trying to deal with it on war-footing and allaying the drought situation by reaching water to the parched souls. She said that Congress should start self-realization instead of creating a diversionary tactic by speaking about the Selfie of Pankaja Munde.

Uma Bharti added that this drought in Latur and other places in Maharashtra is because of the large scale corruption in the irrigation projects by the ministers of previous government.

Uma Bharti said that the present government is striving to alleviate the masses from the drought problems. She claimed that with time, the corruption of Congress Party will certainly come to fore. The Congress will have to give an account for their sins. There is an ongoing investigation on projects like Ghosikhurd and Majra Projects. The truth will be revealed soon.


Nitish will sit at home if India becomes free from Sangh

While commenting on the comment made by Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar on making India free from Sangh, she said that if such a thing ever takes place, Nitish will have to sit at home. She claimed that in the year 2005, she and Nitish had contested the elections together and it was Sangh which had made him the Chief Minister. Nitish was Chief Minister for two terms.

“Nitish Kumar wants to become Prime Minister but this will never happen”, said Uma Bharti. She added the then Prime Minister Swayam Sewak Atal Bihari Vajpayee had made him the Railway Minister and Nitish was with Sangh during the Emergency and JP Movement. She further said Nitish had used Sangh as a ladder to climb his political career but now his political ambition has increased so he is abusing Sangh now. He is now in his third tenure as Chief Minister, if this continues then he may be out of the fray the next time.