Published On : Mon, Dec 25th, 2017

Con woman robs co-passenger of Rs 1.80 lakh gold booty in auto

CrimeNagpur: In yet another incident of its kind, a con woman robbed a co-passenger of gold ornaments worth Rs 1.80 lakh in an auto in Nandanvan jurisdiction on Sunday afternoon.

The victim, Sangita Pradeep Mahatre (51), resident of 14, Raut Nagar, Dighori, boarded an auto at Badkas Square for going to home around 3.30 pm on Sunday. Between Badkas Square and Telephone Square, the unidentified con woman, aged 30-35, sitting beside Sangita in the auto, took advantage of overcrowded auto and slyly removed two small purses from her handbag. The purses contained gold ornaments worth Rs 1.80 lakh. After robbing Sangita, the trickster woman disembarked from the auto midway and vanished from the scene. Sangita noticed the theft after reaching home but it was too late.

Nandanvan Woman PSI Wagare has registered a case against the unidentified woman under Section 379 of the IPC and searching for her.