Published On : Mon, Mar 20th, 2017

Con man dupes aged man with ‘donation trick’

In a spurt of incidents of kind, a con man duped a senior citizen to the tune of Rs 28,500 in Koradi area here on Sunday noon. Cops are searching the miscreant.

The complainant Vijaykumar Kunjipunikar (64), resident of Plot No. 65, Panjra, told police that he had gone to Mahadula for purchasing puja material around 12 noon on Sunday. At the same time, an unidentified man in the age group of 30-35 years, accosted Vijaykumar and asked him the address of Buddha Vihar. The con man told Vijaykumar that he wanted to make a donation. With these sly words, the ruffian took out a Rs 500 note and asked Vijaykumar to keep his gold ring and chain worth Rs 28,500 in the Rs 500 note. The goon folded the note and kept the valuables in a polythene bag. He later asked Vijaykumar to donate the money to a monk and take his gold stuff. However, when Vijaykumar opened the bag in front of the monk, the gold ornaments were missing. He searched the unidentified crook but he was gone.

Koradi WPSI Khobragade has booked the con man under Section 420 of the IPC and searching for him.

Such incidents of duping of gullible citizens are marking a spurt in the city. Two women were also robbed of their gold booty by conmen in separate incidents on Sunday. In the first incident, a man posing himself as a bullion trader duped a woman of gold ornaments worth Rs 40,000 in Kotwali area on Sunday. According to police, the incident took place at 11.45 am when Suchitra Mahesh Waghmare (26) was in her Grocery shop. An unidentified man introduced himself as a bullion trader and told Suchitra that he wants to touch gold ornaments before donating money at a temple. Suchitra removed her gold ornaments and gave to the man. The conman took the ornaments and handed them back after wrapping them in a paper. However, before Suchitra could understand anything, the conman fled the scene with the ornaments. Kotwali police have registered the case under Section 420 of the IPC against the unidentified conman.

Similarly, two miscreants approached Indubai Kawduji Itankar (70) at Baidyanath Square. They took her in confidence and promised her to donate Rs four lakh cash on Saturday at 5 pm if she gave her jewellery. Indubai handed-over her ornaments worth Rs 18,000 to the duo who fles the spot after diverting her attention.