Published On : Fri, May 7th, 2021

Complete lockdown in Karnataka from May 10-24;

CM says Covid-19 cases rising

The Karnataka government has decided to impose a 14-day complete lockdown in the state to check the spread of Covid-19 cases. Announcing the decision Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said the state government had to impose a lockdown because the ‘corona curfew’ failed to achieve its objectives.

“As Covid-19 cases are surging in the state, corona curfew was not successful. A complete lockdown will be imposed from 6 am on May 10 till 6am on May 24,” he said.

During the lockdown in Karnataka, all hotels, pubs and bars will remain closed. Eateries, meat shops and vegetable shops can however operate from 6-10 am. Use of private vehicles will be permitted only for medical purpose and in case of an emergency.

List of activities that aren’t allowed during lockdown in Karnataka:

Schools, colleges, educational/coaching institutions etc. will remain closed. Online/distance learning shall continue to be permitted and shall be encouraged.

Hotels, restaurants, and hospitality services, except those meant for housing health/police/government officials/healthcare workers/stranded persons including tourists, quarantine facility and Step Down Hospitals.

Hotels, restaurants and eateries shall be permitted to operate kitchens for take away/home delivery of food items only.

No vehicles will be allowed to be used by persons for taking parcels/takeaway. Only movement by walk is allowed for this purpose. However, hotels, restaurants and eateries can use vehicles for home delivery.

All cinema halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums, sports complexes, stadia, playgrounds, swimming pools, parks, entertainment parks, clubs, theatres, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places will remain closed.
All social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious functions/ other gatherings and large congregations will be prohibited.

All religious places/places of worship shall be closed for public.