Published On : Fri, May 20th, 2016

Comments on women cops misinterpreted, says Nagpur Police Chief S P Yadav

Sharda-Prasad-Yadav-Nagpur-Police-CommissionerNagpur: Commissioner of Police S P Yadav has clarified his stand on the alleged comment on the efficiency of women cops which sparked a controversy through a press note issued on May 20, 2016.

He blamed certain sections of the media for the alleged controversial statement and said that while some media personnel had misinterpreted the statement given to the the media and presented their own interpretation of the statement.

While making his stand clear, Commissioner of Police S P Yadav said that both men and women cops are equal in carrying out their duties and are equally efficient. Both carry out their duties with equal loyalty and devotion to their work.

The Commissioner of Police claimed that he always gives the credit of making the city crime and enforcing law and order to his officers and police personnel, which necessarily includes women officials and women police personnel.

Commissioner of Police S P Yadav went on to claim that it has been more than one year since he took charge of the office and in during his tenure till date no women police officers or women police personnel have any complaints against him nor has there been any complaints against him from the citizens of Nagpur. However, many media has misinterpreted his statement and published news of an alleged comment which had sparked a controversy. This misinterpretation by the media is not in favour of the police machinery and the public at large.

Many women police officers and women police personnel were engaged in the examination held for the recruitment of cops. They have performed their duties well so far and never has any complaint lodged till date against them.

CP S P Yadav went on to say that women police officers and women police personnel will be engaged to monitor the written examinations slated to be held on May 27, 2016. He claimed that he is proud of the police officers and women police personnel.

CP S P Yadav clarified through a press note about the alleged comment on the capacity or efficiency of police women in his department while answering to some queries posed by media personnel about the problems that arose in the question papers during the written examination for the police recruitment drive and blamed the media personnel for that.

Though it was amply clear what statements he had given (which was shown on TV channels too), however, though he did not apologize for his statement, but he made it amply clear that the efficiency of both men and women police personnel are equal and that women police personnel are no way lesser in efficiency than any male police personnel.