Published On : Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

Colour my city Orange?


Nagpur local politicians, specially those running the NMC are known to extend their energies on useless symbolism rather than tackling real issues. Encroachments, decreasing of tree cover, parking woes, garbage segregation ( which is still NOT happening in Nagpur) have all been ignored in favour of this latest move of theirs.

Its latest stunt is to officially declare Nagpur an “Orange City”

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) general body on Friday passed a resolution adopting the orange city tag to the city of Nagpur. With this, NMC will try to have the colour splashed on official buildings, metro rail and other infrastructure projects on lines of Pink City Jaipur.

Ruling party leader Dayashankar Tiwari tabled the proposal while opposition leader Vikas Thakre and group leaders of NCP, BSP and Shiv Sena backed it. It passed unanimously.

Just some days ago when MD of Nagpur Metro, Brijesh Dixit was asked by media persons if the city’s upcoming metro stations will be coloured Orange he had replied ” but how will it look? Think of aesthetics too!”

But now Tiwari has specifically mentioned Nagpur metro and opined that he would like to see it turn ‘orange’ in hues.

Tiwari said Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (NMRCL) will be requested to paint infrastructure of metro rail as orange. “We will also request everyone to display orange symbol with colour. We will ask experts to give us exact shade of orange to prevent any criticism. BJP’s flag colour also has orange so there should not be opposition for the concept on that ground,” he said.
Not to be left behind Mayor Datke said detailed plan and provisions of funds to implement the concept will be incorporated in budget to be presented for 2016-17. “The move came following request from a organization that put forward the concept,” he said.

Tiwari added efforts will be made to ensure orange colour was prominent on NMC’s administrative buildings and also that of other government departments. “We can have orange colour on flyovers and other projects. We will request interested educational institutions to paint structures with orange colour and commercial establishments to have shutters painted orange and display orange symbol. Help of social organizations will also be taken for awareness and implementation,” he said.

Datke denied any plans to make it the colour mandatory on any building. “It will be completely voluntary,” he said.

NT would like to suggest to NMC to please first take care of our Zero milestone enclosure and the dirty colour that the ‘decorative orange fruit’ put up at the Hutatma centre nearby has turned. It is neither grey, nor orange nor brown!