Published On : Mon, Feb 8th, 2016

Colleagues deeply shocked over tragedy which claimed lives of their 4 friends

Pics of deceased copyNagpur: Bereavement leaves fellow beings with a void that can never be filled. This feeling is intensified when the deceased were your colleagues who worked with them for a better part of the day. The way they looked, behaved, shared their joys and pain all comes back to haunt you again and again. One does not come to terms with the loss.

Four staff of Alacrity E-Commerce Solutions Private Limited died in a road mishap which occurred at Khapri. Nagpur Today spoke to a visibly moved, shocked and thoroughly shaken Supervisor of Alacrity E-Commerce Solutions Pvt Ltd Sandeep Ingole. Most of the colleagues are still shocked and have not yet come to terms with the loss.

With a lot of hesitation, he spoke about his deceased colleagues. According to him, the four colleagues were fine men, thorough gentlemen, excellent at their work and were good human beings.

  1. Ajay Kushwaha aged 28 years was married and had a one year old son. He worked in the Refund Process Department. He was said to be good at his job.
  2. Sagar Surjuse aged 24 years hailed from Marathwada was working in the Customer Orders’ Processing Department. He had joined only recently (6 months ago). He was good at his job too
  3. Sayed Ubaid Zeeshan was 26 years old was performing a very important role in the organization. He used to handle all dealings, correspondence with Banks, the frauds done by customers etc. He was very good at his job too.
  4. Akash George who was driving the ill-fated car was 24 years old and was handling Core-Customer’s orders processing department.

According to Sandeep Ingole, these staff members were the very heart of the organization. They were all working in the night shift since they work for overseas firms. Since they work only till Friday (5 day week), Saturdays and Sundays are usually leave. All the young colleagues go out to some Dhaba for dinner on Saturdays. They had all including eight staff members had gone out to a Dhaba in Butibori. After their dinner, they stayed on till early morning catching up with the happenings of their personal life.

At around 4:25, they started in two cars. Sandeep Ingole, Sushant and Sonali in the first car (three people), while Saiyad Jisan, Sagar Surjuse, Ajay Kushwaha, Amir Khan and Akash George (five people) were in the second car. Even though they started together, no one knows how they veered off on that road. They were all slated to gather back at the office at Infotech Tower, I.T.Park, South Ambazhari Road, Gayatri Nagar, Parsodi and from there they were to disperse to their respective residences. However, when they did not reach for a long time, Sandeep Ingole tried the mobile numbers of all his colleagues on that car. However no one had responded to his call. This was unusual setting some alarm bells ringing in his head. Soon he got a phone from the police who informed him of the accident. He and his colleagues rushed to GMCH where they had brought their four deceased friends. After the identification (asked by the Sonegaon Police), they rushed to Orange City Hospital and Research Centre where their fifth friend Amir Khan was brought under very critical condition.

Nagpur Today ascertained the condition of Amir Khan.

According to Director (Administration) of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute Dr. Anup Marar, the report of the critically injured Amir Khan is as follows:

Amir Khan aged 28 years, Male and a resident of Motibagh, Near Noga Factory, Nagpur was brought to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute at around 5:30 am on February 7, 2016 in a very critical condition. As per the information, he had h/o RTA (Road Traffic Accident) at around 4:30 am on February 7, 2016 near Wardha Naka, Wardha Road, Nagpur.

Badly Mangled car

Badly Mangled car

He suffered Head Injury, Multiple Cut, Lacerated wounds on face, Tongue along with Soft Tissue loss Right Shoulder with exposed bone and multiple fracture Ribs Right Side with related complications. On examination his General condition was not satisfactory, tachycardia, unconsciousness, BP 90/60. Provisional Diagnosis kept was RTA with Poly-trauma with head Injury with Multiple CLWs on face, tongue with Soft tissue loss Rt. Shoulder (bone exposed).

In OCHRI Casualty, he was immediately in-tubated and put on ventilator support with other allied treatment as per treatment protocol by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pranshul Khare and Intensivist Dr.Umesh Thorat.

He is presently admitted in OCHRI CCU under care of Neuro-surgeon Dr. Shailesh Kelkar, Critical Care Physician Dr. Nikhil Balankhe, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Darshan Rewanwar and Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Akash Saoji. The team is ably backed by round the clock stationed Intensivists namely Dr. Ganesh Bure, Dr. Umesh Thorat, Dr.Rani Lakhe, Dr. Ashish Shukla, Dr. Saurabh Pathak, Dr.Roshan Jawlekar and Dr. Parag Patil.

On February 8, 2016, he underwent debridement with reconstruction of soft tissue defect Right Shoulder with Local flap insertion with CLW suturing by the surgeons under Anesthesia given by Dr. Smita Harkare, Dr. Neeta Deshpande and Dr. Anita Pande and Dr. Sweety Pasari. Dr. Kavita Dhurvey assisted the surgeons.

At present he is on life saving support (Ventilator).