Published On : Thu, Sep 30th, 2021

Coal scam gets exposed at KTPS

Nagpur Today, on June 18, had reported coal pilferage by coal mafia in connivance with concerned authorities and transporters


Nagpur: The MahaGenco bosses seem to have woken up to the unchecked coal pilferage being perpetrated by the coal mafia in connivance with concerned authorities and transporters. In the instant incident, it has come to the fore that good quality of coal was being mined from WCL mines but inferior stuff was supplied to Koradi Thermal Power Station (KTPS).

It is pertinent to recall that Nagpur Today, on June 18, 2021, had flashed a report stating that the decades old disgusting act of coal theft from WCL mines continues to hog headlines. Approximately, 10% of total coal mined in Western Coalfields Limited mines is being pilfered by coal mafia allegedly in connivance with WCL officials and transporters. This dubious act has been denting the revenue of the government in crores and affecting the power generation at KTPS as well.

According to reports and MahaGenco officials, on Tuesday, September 29, a truck laden with pure coal from Western Coalfields Limited’s (WCL) Gondegaon mine meant for KTPS was diverted to a private place while another truck laden with inferior quality coal arrived at KTPS for unloading. Shockingly, both trucks were using the same number plate and GPS was also manipulated.

As the scam got exposed, a complaint was lodged with Khaparkheda Police by MahaGenco officials demanding stern action against truck transporter, security guards of KTPS and a company involved in GPS tracking of trucks.

A press release, issued by MahaGenco, stated that the company had awarded contracts to two firms for transportation of coal from various coal mines by road to KTPS. On Tuesday, at around 1.07 am, the truck (MH-22/AA-3414) of the transport contractor concerned arrived at the 3×660 MW Koradi Power Station carrying coal from the Gondegaon Coal Mine of WCL. Two vigilant citizens informed KTPS security guards that the number plate of one vehicle was affixed with the sticker of another vehicle. Accordingly, while inspecting the vehicle, a sticker (MH-40/BG-0901) was found on the number plate of the truck. The KTPS officials immediately started investigation and found the original truck with registration number (MH-22/AA-3414) parked at Bhanegaon T-point laden with coal. Also, the GPS of this truck was changed to truck (MH-40/BG-0901).

After receiving the complaint, Khaparkheda Police brought the concerned driver and contractor supervisor to the Police Station at around 3.15 am. The MahaGenco official said that the concerned transport contractor replaced the vehicle number (MH-22/AA-3414) which was loaded with good quality coal from Gondegaon Coal Mine and loaded the vehicle (MH-40/BG-0901) with coal of inferior quality. The MahaGenco was facing a loss of Rs 80,000 in each trip. More than 100 trucks are transporting coal to KTPS everyday, said Mahagenco.

Reports further said that a company named BMH has been awarded a contract for GPS tracking of the trucks. MahaGenco’s Chief General Manager (Security) Col Rajiv Malewar, Chief Engineer KTPS Prakash Khandare are following up the matter.