Published On : Mon, Mar 20th, 2017

CME on “Healing Touch” to Combat on slaught of Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases Management Held

A continuing Medical Education (CME) programme titled “Healing Touch” on Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases Management was held at Hotel Tuli International, Sadar on 9th March, 2017 under the aegis of Healium Pharmaceuticals. The key note speakers were Dr. Shankar Khobragade, Member of Maharashtra Medical Council and former President of Diabetic Association of India, Cardiological Society of India, Vidarbha Chapter and Dr. Sanjay Jain, Consulting Physician and Director of Shanti Mohan Hosptial, Sadar.Dr. Mukesh Mishra, Direcgtor, Shat Ayu Hospial was the chairperson who conducted the meeting.

The title of his talk was “ Management of Hypertension with Telmisartan ?” in which he analysed various studies and mechanism of actions of subgroups of ARBs. Dr. Khobragade enlisted historical back ground of discovery of enzymes renin in 1898 and angiotensin (1960 USA) angiotensin I & II and that of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors (mid 1950s) factors which regulated the blood pressure. In 1970 first (ACE) inhibitor – Captropril was invented,

Dr. Sanjay Jain gave lecture on “Cardiovascular risk in Diabetes” Highlighting main risk factors in DM Insulin resistance/Hyper-insulinaemia, Central Obesity, Cigarette Smoking , Hyperglycaemia, ad Post prandial hyperglycaemia. Pointing out what causes MI ( myocardial infarction – Heart Attack ) in diabetes he stressed when stenosis is more than 80% it is usually fatal MI, and at 60% stenosis it is around 68%. If you have micro albumin in urine the risk is higher followed by smoking, diastolic BP and cholesterol. and lipo protein Alfa and hip waste ratio are predictors of CV risk.

For managing Diabetes attention should be focused on HbIC, Blood Pressure and cholesterol. And diet should be based on calories , <50% of calories from CHO, <7% from Saturatd fat, 15% from MUFA AND PUFA, 25% cal. from increased protein, >20g/day of fibre, Soy Protien, Fenugreek,Vegetables, Nuts and Fruits must every day.

The lecture was largely attended by medical fraternity and PG Students of Medicine Department so Medical Colleges of the city. Prominently present were Dr. Aamol Meshram, Dr. Nitnaware, Dr. A. B. Padole, Dr. Mukesh Mishra, Dr. Dilip Dhande , Dr. Sudhir Mangrulkar etc.