Published On : Mon, Jun 23rd, 2014

CM trying to save Sunil Kedar in NDCC Bank scam, alleges Ranjit Deshmukh

rdNagpur News :

Senior Congress leader Ranjit Deshmukh alleged in a press conference today that chief minister; Prithviraj Chavan is trying to save Sunil Kedar and four chiefs of district co-operative banks as he (CM) has given directives for re-investigation into bank scams. In the same vein, he also made demand for CM’s resignation. There was Rs 150 crore scam in Nagpur District Central Co-operative Bank. And chief of inquiry committee appointed by co-operative department has indicted MLA from Saoner, Sunil Kedar in this. The committee report says that the amount of Rs 150 crores along with interest should be recovered from Sunil Kedar.

The inquiry committee took ten long years to submit its report but ultimately co-operative department has made Sunil Kedar, the prime accused in the matter. Sunil Kedar was also given police custody.

Kedar has made an appeal against co-operative department’s report and the state government has given directives for re-investigation into the matter. It is also mentioned in state order that Kedar was not granted proper hearing.

Ranjit Deshmukh also gave information that the government counsel who was in the know of detailed facts of the matter was changed. However, it is relevant in the interest of justice that judiciary and co-operative department should be allowed to work without any kind of interference. CM should never pressurise any agency, advised Deshmukh.

Wardha, Yavatmal, Usmanabad and Buldhana district co-operative banks are also badly affected by scams. The local MLAs are definitely behind such huge frauds. Therefore, it is only due to political pressure of Sunil Kedar and the other MLAs that CM has given directives for re-investigation into the matter.

This is a kind of political corruption, said Deshmukh. If first report was received after so many years of wait, then nothing can be said about second report and these political big wigs are trying to scuttle the issue.

Ranjit Deshmukh said that CM never paid any attention to problems of farmers, weavers and retired government personnel even when they were in dire need. All of them were left to fend for themselves. No decision was made in NDCC Bank till the election results were announced this has landed the bank in deep trouble now, Deshmukh revealed.

Datta Meghe’s move suicidal, comments Ranjit Deshmukh

When asked to comment on Datta Meghe’s decision of quitting Congress and joining BJP fold, Deshmukh said this cannot be a way of political rehabilitation, but it is a suicidal move and not expected of a senior leader like Datta Meghe.

Deshmukh made snide remark that it requires guts to get politically rehabilitated. Datta Meghe along with his sons, Sagar and Sameer will be joining BJP on July 5.

He said that he has great regard for Datta Meghe, but his move of joining BJP is only like a novice political worker and not becoming of a senior and seasoned leader. This will be a blunder on Meghe’s part, Deshmukh said.