Published On : Sun, Nov 29th, 2015

CM inaugurates new sophisticated DCRMS (Dial 100) to enhance quick response to crime


Fadnavis flags off Beat Marshals on 100 new motorcycles

DSC_0586Nagpur: After inaugurating the Distress Call Record Management System (DCRMS) Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis in his address said that it had become imperative to introduce a modern and sophisticated system which connects the masses to the police machinery. As the old system and its software had almost crashed and not fulfilling its purpose, there was an urgent need for the newer and more modern system.

DSC_0666Fadnavis opined that it is very vital to reduce the response time taken by police personnel to reach the crime scene. This new sophisticated system is going to ensure that the responsiveness of the police personnel is enhanced. The Chief Minister lauded the Commissioner of Police and all those Deputy Commissioners of Police and Seema Infotech for installing this system.


The Chief Minister added that apart from quick response, it is vital for the police machinery to enhance its detection rate, prosecution and eventual conviction. He said that the State Government has been actively working towards enhancing the system by introduction of modern technology and systems which can aid the police personnel in prevention, detection and conviction of offenders. CM also lauded the Commissioner of Police S P Yadav for his efforts and various initiatives that he has undertaken to improve the policing in Nagpur.

DSC_0711The Chief Minister felt that Dial 100 is the only effective means of communication connecting the police and the citizens. The citizens will gets dissatisfied and concerned when they
1. Do not get response when they dial 100,
2. Their calls do not get picked up
3. There is no response by way of police personnel reaching the spot even after being assured by the personnel receiving call of number 100.

Chief Minister claimed that the new system will ensure that negligible Call-Drops will be experienced by the callers. While explaining about the system, Fadnavis said that with integration of Vehicle Tracking System the nearest police vehicle will be dispatched to the spot/caller reducing the call-response time.

The Chief Minister also said that the new system will locate prank calls, missed calls and ensure that the police machinery is not misused. This will effectively and objectively monitor the calls. Every call will be tracked and the name, number and the address can be found out through the new system.

DSC_0531Visibility of Beat Marshals to instill confidence in citizens
Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis opined that the presence and visibility of the Beat Marshals (Police Commandoes on Motorcycles) taking rounds of the area will instill the confidence about the police in the minds of the citizens. This will also help to instill fear in the minds of criminals and other trouble makers.

CCTVs for surveillance and better administration
While speaking about how CCTV will be established in phases in Mumbai for better crime prevention and detection, he said that the first phase will be finished soon and installed.

He felt that enhancement of manpower is not solution to various issues of policing. Use of modern and advanced systems and technology should be used to enhance performance of police personnel. He opined that the present system that has been newly inaugurated will help in providing analysis of crime prone areas, place from where frequent calls are received etc. The analytics will help in improving policing. This will enhance objective policing of various crime prone areas. This will also help in maintaining law and order of the city. Around 1200 new CCTVs will be installed and set into operation in the first phase in Mumbai. Newer Thermal Cameras are also going to be integrated. The biggest network is going to Mumbai. Once the approval and the DPR are made, even Nagpur city would be getting a CCTV network.

Approval of new police-stations
The Chief Minister has also approved police stations in many new layouts where police stations are needed. He informed of a police station in Besa Beltarodi and Manish Nagar. He lauded the efforts of the Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule for acquiring places for the police stations and making a proposal and getting the approvals of the same at the earliest.

Commissioner hopeful of effectively of new system
The programme started with Commissioner of Police S P Yadav making the inaugural address. S P Yadav said that the existing system of telecommunication of the Police is nearly 100 years old and is not functioning well. He said that even the software has crashed and is not yielding its desired results. He opined that instead of increasing the manpower, utilizing more advanced and sophisticated system will help the police machinery in effective policing.

Keeping in mind the growing population of the city, he claimed that instead of 10 existing telephone lines, now 20 lines have been installed to ensure that every distress call is answered. CP S P Yadav claimed that apart from Mumbai, Nagpur is the only city where 20 lines of Dial 100 are introduced.

The Call Drop which was experienced by the citizens was 90% with the existing system which will be reduced to 2% in the new sophisticated system.

SP Yadav also informed about the Software Company called Seema Infotech which has been given the contract of providing software to the police control room machinery. He said that the Seema Infotech personnel will be imparting training to the Police Personnel manning the Dial 100 for a period of one year. The company has one year annual contract to ensure that the system functions well. He said that the new system will provide the name of the caller, the exact location of the caller and the type of crisis so that effective policing or response to distress can be undertaken.

He elaborated about the system and said that video which is integrated with 150 vehicles which are equipped or fitted with GIS or GPS systems so that the nearest vehicle can be dispatched to the distress caller for quick response.
The new GPS system will also monitor where each police vehicle is situated and their coming or going is monitored.
He lauded the efforts of all the Deputy Commissioner of Police and other personnel who worked hard to ensure the establishment of the new system

While explaining about the new Beat Marshals, he said that where bigger vehicles cannot go, the new Beat marshals will reach those places, streets or lanes on their Motorcycles. According to the Commissioner of Police, each motorcycle will have two policemen (one rider and one pillion cop) with walkie-talkie sets and GPS for better policing. He claimed of better infrastructural facilities which are introduced for better enhanced policing.

The advantages of the new sophisticated system
1. The response time to reach the citizens in distress to be below 6 minutes.
2. After calling the police control room and giving information, they will get the information through an SMS and the action taken and the police official’s detail will also be informed accordingly.
3. A feeling of safety and security will enhance in the minds of the citizens.
4. The effective utilization of police personnel on the streets of the city. The patrolling by police personnel will be enhanced. This will reduce the various petty crimes occurring in the streets and lanes.
5. The law and order will be maintained unhindered.
6. Prank calls, missed calls and fake calls to the police control will reduce and the true or genuine needy citizens will get police help immediately.
7. The new system will improve the image of the police in the minds of the citizens.

Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule while addressing the gathering said that since the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has the portfolio of Home Minister also, he has been striving to enhance the police machinery in the state. He has been holding meeting and discussing ways and means of enhancing the existing police machinery with modern equipments instead of increasing the manpower.

Bawankule claimed that Commissioner of Police has initiated many new means of effective policing. He claimed that wherever need arose, the Police machinery is going to start Police Stations especially in Besa-Beltarodi and Manish Nagar. A new Police station is also going to come up at Koradi.

He claimed of granting Rs one crore to the rural police and Rs one crore to the Nagpur City police.