Published On : Fri, Jan 4th, 2019

City’s sportspersons fume as organisers eye Reshimbagh Ground for staging various other events

Other playgrounds too are ‘vanishing’ fast as authorities play ‘dirty game’

Nagpur: The sports scenario in the Second Capital City of Nagpur, the hometown of Chief Minister, seems to be dismal and discouraging.


The iconic Reshimbagh ground had been and has been “Karma Bhoomi” for umpteen number sportspersons since the past three decades. Acclaimed and budding sportspersons sweated and practiced hard on soil of this historic ground from morning to evening to achieve excellence in various sporting events. In fact hundreds of sportspersons of the city reached the pinnacle of glory at various national and international events. However, the picturing is changing. Since the past few years, one organisation or another is eying the Reshimbagh ground for staging various social, cultural and events. The siege of the ground for events rather than sporting events is leaving the sportspersons with heartburns and furious as well. The regular practice of several sportspersons has taken a hit for days and months together. And nobody listens to their grievances. This is another unfortunate aspect of the sordid episode.

In the instant case, recently a private programme was organised at Reshimbagh. The programme continued for seven days at a stretch. But for ten days before the programme and many days after conclusion, the used material was lying on the ground and creating obstruction in the practice of sportspersons. Even the occupied portion of the ground was not cleaned. The dejected sportspersons squarely blamed the organisers of the private programme and Nagpur Municipal Corporation for the messy affairs. Following apathetic attitude of the civic body, the sportspersons were forced to clean up the mess themselves.

But the matter does not end here. Soon some other organisers are holding a conference of women doctors and Bhagwat Saptah at Reshimbagh Ground. Moreover, the organisers of Marathi Natya Parishad are also eying the ground for their event. All these activities with temporary structures and encroachment would bring the practice of sportspersons and sporting events to standstill, again. Entire Reshimbagh Ground is divided in three parts. In other two parts, the sportspersons are unable to practice as regularly as they want.

Similarly, preparations are in full swing to organise Khasdar Krida Mahotsav at the playground of Nagpur University in West Nagpur. The synthetic track at Mankapur Sports Complex is undergoing repairs. In this situation, Reshimbagh Ground had emerged as an alternative for the hardworking sportspersons of the city. This ground has been witnessing, in recent times, increased number of national and international level sportspersons practicing and participating in other sporting chores.

Sportspersons in the city earnestly need to prepare themselves for taking part in Khelo India Krida Mahotsav to be held from January 9 to 18 and National Cross Country Contest being organised on January 20. But Reshimbagh Ground and other playgrounds hosting other events, the sportspersons have no suitable place for practice.

The sportspersons in the city are naturally very upset over the acute lack of playgrounds within city area and gobbling up of most of the playfields by political leaders and their institutions and criminal negligence towards others which have turned into dumping yards or criminal dens. The day is not far away when all the playgrounds in city would ‘vanish in thin airs’ the way they are being used for organisation of various other events. The shrinking playing fields have put the youngsters in a great inconvenience. With no playgrounds left in most areas, the sports scenario in city would soon turn a ‘nightmare.’