Published On : Sat, Jun 11th, 2016

City youths’ directorial debut film ‘Girgot’ focuses on curbing student suicides


Nagpur: Only a few manage to convert their dreams into reality. Nagpur being a Tier-II city with limited exposure to concepts like movie making, videography and other multimedia related field, one often shelves such dream projects. Only in places like Mumbai and Pune does one get the required encouragement, support (both technical and psychological) to bring out his or her innate talents and capabilities into reality and help them achieve their dreams.

Well, proving the popular assumptions wrong, sons of our soil Amit Dhanraj and Jageshwar Dhoble made their dream of making a short film come true and succeed they did. As usual, lack of finances, lack of resources did not deter them from overcoming all hurdles and work hard in shaping their dream. They managed to come out with a music album.

Pangs of video making
While speaking to Nagpur Today, Amit Dhanraj and Jageshwar Dhoble said that they found it easy for casting the leads and other supporting actors, but faced difficulties during the shooting for various sequences. With most of their lead actors and actresses pursuing college education, they had to manage the shooting between exams preparation and other commitments. The actors and actresses did strive hard to put in their best by taking out time from their busy schedule to finish their shoot. Surprisingly the entire shooting got completed in a fewer days than was expected.

Why should one watch this movie?
While relating about the concept that inspired them to bring out the video album, Amit Dhanraj and Jageshwar Dhoble said that immediately after the exam results, one often gets to hear sad news of students committing suicide because of failure in clearing the examinations. At a time when there is a cut-throat-competition in almost every field of specialization, parents of every student pressure their wards or children to excel. The peer group pressure, parental pressure and self-targets come crashing down the moment they hear the news of their failure. They assume the world has come to an end with their failure.

The director-duo have envisaged one helpful advice for those parents whose wards have failed. They have tried to depict some interesting actions which parents can do to motivate their children and stop them from taking such drastic steps.

The artists include Shyam Askarkar, Ankush Ladukar, Anjali Joshi, Rohit Ghangrekar, and Samruddhi Punje.
All those who supported the duo in making the film include Rahul Pusdekar, Atul Shebe, Dushyant Warshe, Shubhangi Sarode, Shilpa Sarode, Anurag Sarode, Kunal Dhoble, Rucha Deshmukh, Akash Dudhankar, Rohit Wasankar, Suraj Taywade, Pravin Taywade, Radheshyam Taywade, Rakesh Taywade, Chetan Bokde, and Suraj Dhol Party.

Amit Bokde

Somesh Gujre

Jageshwar Dhoble

Gaurav Khond

Samruddhi Punje

Gouri Menon

Rohit Ghangrekar

Prathmesh Umalkar

Ashish Dhage

Harshdhan Production Team includes Producer Amit Dhanraj, Co-Producer Gouri Menon, Background Score and Amp; Foley Ashish Dhage, DI/VFX/Animation/ Concept Amit Dhanraj, Dialogues by Gaurav Khond, Publicity Design by Nilesh Kunjir, Narration by Prathamesh Umalkar, Accounts Neeraj Bokde,Drone Shots Amit Dhanraj, Make up Gouri Menon, Recording Manish Naidu, Still Photographer/Chief Assistant Director Somesh Gujarey, Director/Editor/ Screenplay/Cinematographer Jageshwar Dhoble.

– By Swati Gan