Published On : Sun, Jun 1st, 2014

City shops ‘iron handedly’ block parking space!


It’s my space…

It’s my space…

Nagpur News.

Parking crisis in city has multiplied to enormity, not only for the lack of space but for the private encroachments on space facing many big and small commercial establishments here. While some places vertical cones to demark their area, many other shopkeepers in various areas have kept steel grills right in front of entrance of their shops so that no one can park their vehicles there.

The Sitabuldi Bazaar road from Variety Square to Loha Pul (Railway Bridge) follows a system of two-wheeler parking. Every alternate day the two wheelers are parked on either side of the road. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, the two-wheelers are parked on the left side of the road, while on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, the two-wheelers are parked on the right side.

Now, what is interesting is that these shopkeepers put a steel grill right in front of their entrance so that their customers can enter their shop unhindered. This also ensures that no one parks their two-wheeler in front of their shop. Where they park their two-wheelers is no concern of theirs. Even if they block the entrance of some other shops, they are not bothered. Where should the two-wheeler owners park their vehicles?

Now is it valid, is it okay for them to engage in such practices?

DCP Tangde said that this is a practice that should be discouraged and he will take action against such shop-owners.


Barrier for smooth entry…