Published On : Tue, Jun 17th, 2014

City police chief for increasing women staff at police stations to make victims comfortable

cp-kk-patahak2Nagpur News.

The rising street crimes have not only become the major cause of concern for women in city but also posed serious threat to their security. Chain snatching and day light robbery in presence of female members at houses here have become the usual business for the criminals hunting for the soft targets. The trend during the past one month shows alarming rise in the incidents of chain snatching and roadside molestations.

Of most of these incidents, a remarkable fact came to light that majority of such incidents are not reported to police either for the fear of backlash from the criminals or out of scare for going to police stations that may lead them to face uncomfortable questions from the cops.

When Nagpur Today interacted with few of the women who were the victims of molestation and chain snatching, it came out that they felt uncomfortable in facing policemen for the sensitivity of questions associated with incidents like molestation. “We want there should be an exclusive women’s police station where we can move freely and narrate the incident in the exact details,” quipped a 30 year old lady who was intercepted midway and subjected to physical harassment recently.

Apart from this woman, many more girls approached Nagpur Today with an appeal in support of separate police stations for women. “If not in all the areas, then such women police stations can be established at zone levels atleast,” quips another girl who not only suffered molestation from one of his friends when she rejected his proposal, but also faced threat against approaching to cops for complaint. “I was so scared that whenever I felt like going to police station I was mired by the thoughts of being subjected to the questions from male cops that would certainly make me hesitant to narrate the incident to its full,” reacts the concerned girl who is pursuing degree in the final year of her college.

When Nagpur Today took the volley of questions in this regard to City Commissioner of Police KK Pathak, he was quick to defend the situation saying that nearly all the police stations in Nagpur are equipped with women constable to address the concern of such women victims. Pathak said, “80% of the police stations in city have 10 or more women constable while remaining 20% have atleast 6 women constable in place.”

He appealed to all the city women and girls to come out and register their complaints without any reservation, to help the cops contain such rising incidents.

“We are making efforts to achieve the desired numbers of women staff in 100% police stations across Nagpur,” he told Nagpur Today.

When asked about the idea of establishing separate women’s police stations at various zones, Pathak told Nagpur Today, “The thought has been under consideration for quite some time. We have even taken this matter at senior formation. At present we have 16-18% of women staff in total police establishment in Nagpur which is quite higher than rest of the districts in Vidarbha where most of the districts comprise only lower percentage of women staff. So Nagpur is quite ahead in having maximum women staff being added to its police strength as compared to neighbouring districts. We hope that the women policemen should constitute 30% of the total police staff here.”