Published On : Wed, Jun 25th, 2014

City officials all set to control crisis during rains

DSC_1179Nagpur News.

Though monsoon appears little late in casting a spell of showers here, civic authorities in Nagpur are taking no chance in dealing with any rain related eventuality. NMC Commissioner Shyam Wardhane recently held a meeting to discuss issues cropping up every monsoon. A crisis management team has been formed at the meeting. The team will have its control room at fire station here. However, the met department has been predicting monsoon deficit this season.

Apart from this team, the collector office and divisional commissioner have also put together their officials in separate teams to monitor the rain situation and step up for any crisis. The Assistant Commissioner has taken out an order to this effect.


NMC Additional Commissioner Hemant Pawar told Nagpur Today that all the Assistant Commissioners have been asked to survey and report on all the dilapidated houses and building. The residents of these buildings have been issued notices to vacate the premises.

He added that all the societies, buildings (residents) which usually face water-logging in the basement, have to make suitable arrangements to pump out the water.

About one and half month back, the assistant commissioner has also been asked to ensure that all the main holes on the road are properly covered.

The Municipal Commissioner has come up with a 140 pages report including the names of the crisis management team members in all the wards here. Necessary equipments are being provided in each wards to meet any eventuality. These teams would remain functional 24 hours.


Wardhane said all the canals and sewer lines have been cleaned so that rain water or drainage water does not get clogged anywhere.

He added that even the two major River canal which include Nag Nadi and Pili Nadi have been dredged for silt and leaks while the garbage has been removed.

The Nag Nadi has been cleaned from Ambazari to Pardi and the entire Pili Nadi from Gorewada till the end.

He claimed that in case of any over-flowing, the residents of low-lying areas will be asked to vacate from there. Gorewada and Ambazari lakes usually over-flow, every-year. Suitable arrangements have been made to ensure proper drainage. He said that in case of water-clogging or any eventuality, temporary residential arrangements will be made in the nearby school buildings.

The NMC authorities who have illegally occupied or have encroached on the canals should vacate it soon so that canal water moves unhindered.

He said that in case of tree getting uprooted or falling on the road blocking traffic, the fire department is equipped with chain-saws to cut and remove the hindrances.

While commenting on the prestigious project of delinking all sewage lines from these two canals, he said that a project of Rs 163 Crores has been proposed and is under consideration from the Central Government.

He said that in case of any emergency, the citizens are asked to contact

  1. Assistant Commissioners of each ward
  2. Ward Officer
  3. Fire Department
  4. Police Department