Published On : Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

City kids work on channelizing their energy at Helen O’ Grady Workshop

City kids work on channelizing their energy at Helen O' Grady Workshop in Nagpur

Nagpur News:

Helen O’ Grady – Clark town franchise recently conducted a 12 day workshop for children aged 3 -17 years. Helen O’ Grady is an academy which lays emphasis on learning the English language. The team informs that they are committed to teach and conduct self development programs, doing this through a structured and carefully designed drama syllabus.

What is Helen O’ Grady?

The Helen O’Grady system is a developmental drama system, founded in Australia in the year 1979, the system is widely used in over 25 countries across the globe. It is the world’s one of the popular after-school drama programme which has widely gained acceptance by over one million children across the world, as the system is unique and enhances the learning process in a valuable, fun and inclusive manner. In India, Helen O’Grady International Pvt. Ltd. has partnered exclusively with Govind Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd. since 2003 to promote and propagate this knowledge venture in the country. Helen O’ Grady system is committed to the emotional and intellectual development of students through innovative programs that can be delivered as in-school and after school classes.

When asked about the key benefits of the workshop, the management excerpted, “Through the workshop we have tried to teach the children communication skills and confidence. We want them to express themselves better and channelize their energy in a controlled situation.

We have taught them to imagine and react to situations, speech exercises done to help the child identify with consonant sounds for better pronunciation, movement exercises to understand body weight and better coordination of body parts.”