Published On : Thu, May 15th, 2014

City girl taken to Bhopal after abduction

Nagpur News : A city girl was abducted and later was taken to Bhopal luring to give her good money over her catering business. Later the accused demanded Rs 80,000 from the family members. Kotwali police have registered the case of abducted and started their investigations.

As per details, 22-year-old Shalakha (name changed) worked with catering groups with her elder sister Ananya (name changed) to earn her livelihood and support the family. On April 21, the accused Anjali, Gaurav and Roopsingh alias Majboot Singh approached Shalakha and offered her a job in the catering group at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. However, she refused citing that the job was out of city. After a few days, they again approached her and she again refused. But, the accused abducted her and took her to Bhopal.

After two days, i.e on May 13, Shalakha somehow managed to call her sister Ananya and informed her that she had been abducted and that the abductors were demanding Rs 80,000 for her release. Stunned over the information, she immediately reached Kotwali police station and lodged a complaint of abduction.

Cops have started their investigations and launched a manhunt for the abductors and rescue of the girl.

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