Published On : Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014

Citizens hold candle marches demanding harsh punishment to Yug kidnappers and murderers

yugchandakNagpur Today.

Amid an outpouring of anger, hundreds of people across the city, demanding strictest punishment to kidnappers and murderers of Yug Chandak, held a candle march from RBI Square to Cathedral Church in Sadar on Wednesday to protest the ghastly incident.  More than 500 people participated in the candle march for the peace and speedy justice to the innocent boy as well.

A similar candle march was taken out by relatives of Yug Chandak and citizens from Lakadganj Police Station to residence of Yug demanding harshest punishment to the perpetrators of this crime.

Citizens from various walks of life in Nagpur gathered at RBI square and lighted the candles in massive numbers to pay tributes to the departed soul. They all pressed for the stricter laws to deal with the criminals committing such gruesome acts and also demanded enforcement of effective measures for protection of children.

Besides candles, the marchers were holding placards conveying their anguish, thoughts and rightful demand in support of the burning cause.  The march was led by several prominent personalities.

Vidarbha Taxpayers Association’s Secretary Tejinder Singh Renu gathered with his family at RBI square and participated in the candle march to protest the incident. He said that the protest is non-political and 95 percent of participants are Nagpur citizens out on the streets for protesting the kidnapping and murder of Yug. The candle marchers held the silent protest in order to press for their demand for amendments in the law for meeting out harsh punishments to the culprits and trial in Fast Track Court within 60 days.

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Similarly, Dental Association members, students of Tirpude College and Centre Point School participated in the candle march from RBI square to Cathedral Church. Politician Mohsin Zafar Khan went a step ahead and demanded handover of the criminals to the public and ready to take law into their hands if the police and the law are did not take action instantly. Otherwise the law should become more stricter so that the people should think twice before committing such an offense.

While taking to Nagpur Today, anguished students of Tirpude College including Sagar Kriplani, Tasneem Zhakir, Riya Khandelwal said that, when criminals don’t think for a minute before killing the innocent, then why we think much? We need to take decision fast and want our Government to be a deterrent to other criminals. We want a safe city with girls and women safe. They demanded that the two of the culprits should be hanged in public so that other offenders may think ten times before committing such a heinous act.

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The participants of candle march conveyed condolence to victim’s family and prayed Almighty to grant patience to bereaved family and peace to the departed soul. They also demanded stringent laws and change in the behaviour of police while dealing with such crime against kids and exemplary punishment.