Published On : Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Citizens fume over police inaction in Friends Garment’s obscene video case

Nagpur: Nearly a month after the condemnable act of recording video of girl in the changing room of Friends Garment came to light, the authorities failed to reach any concrete end in their probe.

First Sitabuldi police and then Crime Branch took the matter in their hands but both failed to secure any leads in case. The sheer ignorance towards the crime of serious nature has led the people across the city especially female groups to question the investigation process and intent of investigating officers. The enraged citizens are now getting vocal against the incident and subsequent police inaction in the matter.

Talking to Nagpur Today many citizens were of the view that the probe appears nothing less than eyewash as the cops are sitting idle over it.

However on the other hand, PI Sankhe (Crime), told Nagpur Today that the probe was underway and we cannot disclose anything on the issue right now. However, shabby progress in the case and the fear of cameras in the changing room has prevailed sense of fear among the females with the thought that they could be the next victim.

Need for mass protest

Professor and Activities Rashmi Sovani said, “There’s a need for a mass protest to address this issue. Such activities and apathy of administration only imply that women are nothing but raw material.”

“When the incident occurred, Sitabuldi cops made the victim girl sit till late night at police station to register her complaint. Following this they are yet to disclose anything further which can indicate if they are looking for any such rackets. However, as a society, we need a mass protest to address this issue. Such activities flourishing with so much ease is humiliating as women. This makes us feel as we are some raw material and some kind of products on which tormenters prey easily” said Sovani.

While raising her concern she said, “What is the assurance that it is the lone incident and had occurred for the first time in the city?

Sitabuldi is famous for its bustling shops which offer the most comfortable clothes at an affordable range. However, under that umbrella what if the racket of such activities is flourishing?” she said adding, “We cannot overlook the involvement of the shop owner in this matter.”

Need for transparency, stricter laws to curb such practice

“If I would be in her place I would definitely be requesting that my case needs to be escalated and since its been a month I would want justice. All the pictures can be used in any undesired platform. Apart from that, there should be a law that ensures molestation of girls or ladies remain in check. There’s a need for transparency with the customers and shop owner as a customer has all the right to ask and check if there are any certain cameras hidden path. As a matter a fact there should be norms of heavy penalty to deter such elements as a government has done in amending traffic fines. In such cases the license of the shopkeeper should be seized for a year or so,” said Kinjal Bansod, an IT professional.

Punishment to set an example

“Punishments for the tormenters are not an option but necessary indeed to set an example for such mentally ill persons. Indeed there is need for mass protest especially from society. Though cops need to examine the owner further as it is impossible to believe that the act was carried out by the servant alone,” says Kalyani Ladekar, an engineering student.

by Shubham Nagdeve