Published On : Sun, Dec 6th, 2015

Citing Fadnavis government failure on all counts opposition parties boycott CM’s Tea Party

Nagpur: Like the political stalwarts that they are, the Leaders of Opposition Parties including Congress, National Congress Party (NCP) RPI (Kawde), Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), MIM, Shetkari Aghadi Party played their moves properly and registered their ire at the way the ruling party did not fulfill any of their promises.

Insensitive Government
While expressing his displeasure, Leader of Opposition Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said that till date none of the poll promises have been fulfilled. He said that the present government is not at all sensitive towards the problems and the suicides of the farmers. The present government has not made its stand clear over the procurement of Cotton, Soyabean and other crops. The present policies seem to be “Loot the Farmers Policy”. He was speaking about the procurement rates of different crops and how they are lower than those when Congress-NCP was in power. He opined that the condition of farmers is really pathetic.

He alleged that the squad from the Central Government had come to verify the actual scenario of the famers many times but no financial aid has been received so far. He spoke about the way when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Sharad Pawar had studied the crisis situation and after ascertaining the intensity had granted 52000 crores towards loan waiver.

Inflation rate
The inflation rate seems to be going up by the day. Prices are shooting through the roof. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said that they have always felt that “Dal Mey Kuch Kala Hai!” He said while emphasizing the prices of Tur Dal which have not come down till date. He also claimed that the confiscated or seized Tur Dal is being sold to big business Houses like Ambanis, Adanis and Reliance because of their secret nexus with them and to show gratitude to them for giving money during elections. He demanded that as a mark of good governance, they should have distributed the seized Tur Dal through Public Distribution System or Fair Price Shops to the BPL card holders. He alleged that the present government has done nothing to stop hoarding of these lentils like Tur Dal by big corporate companies.

Took a dig at the Prime Minister
Vikhe Patil also took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his “Man Ki Bath” on Radio and said that people now want Prime Minister to do something and speak of “Kam Ki Bath”.

Tax reforms
Speaking about the fiscal debts run up by the present government,Vikhe Patil also spoke about the unnecessary tax burden that the ruling party is loading onto the citizens under the name of revenue generation. He alleged that without any proper planning of an alternate arrangement, they go about declaring Toll Mafi (Toll payment abolishing), Local Body Tax (LBT) abolishing etc. He wanted to know about the plan of dealing with the revenue deficit of the present government.

Advocate General Shreehari Aney’s statement blown
Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil while speaking to media personnel claimed that Advocate General Aney has violated the code of conduct and his sworn secrecy by making statements about Maharashtra. His statement had insulted the sacrifice of 105 martyrs. He took a dig at the Shiv Sena and said that it is time they blacken their own face since they have kept quite inspite of such an insult to martyrs of Maharashtra, while they are apt to blacken the face of Surendra Kulkarni. The present PM calls Pakistan Prime Minister for his swearing in and you cannot allow Pakistani cricket team to play in Mumbai? They demand his sacking immediately which they are going to raise in the house too.

Package for farmers of Vidarbha a distant dream
During the last Winter Session of the Assembly, the present government had promised a package for the farmers of Vidarbha. He reported that only Rs 3800 crores have been disbursed so far. 1000 crores still remains to be handed over.He alleged that the state government is not at all sensitive to the problems and state of the farmers of Vidarbha. He also said that the Ache Din has not come for the farmers. He alleged that there are many villages which have not been included in the list of famine affected villages. Many villages still do not have drinking water, leave alone water for irrigation he lamented.

Will demand continuation of ban on Dance Bars
He said that during the reign of R R Patil, Dance Bars have been banned. However, in order to please some people, the present government have presented the case and have pleaded for the dance bar girls and have got the ban revoked. Moreover, they are also planning to frame some rules and regulations like the distance from the audience where the Bar Dance Girls will perform etc.

Law and Order failure
Vikhe Patil alleged that the CM has the portfolio of the Home Ministry with him yet the Law and Order situation is at its worst state. Crimes are increasing everyday and the media has highlighted many of them. He said that the cases like Sheena Bora case, Chota Rajan and MD Drugs etc have to be handed over to CBI since our Police Department has fouled up the cases.

Industries moving to Gujarat
Vikhe Patil alleged that based on the reports of BRIKS, many industries have made plans to move to Gujarat.

Ajit Pawar promises an aggressive stand
Former Deputy Chief Minister and NCP Leader Ajit Pawar while addressing the media personnel said that we’ll be aggressive in our stand and in supporting the opposition parties’ demands. He too reiterated that the present government is not at all sensitive to the plight of farmers. He spoke about the Dal Bhat Morcha taken by Shiv Sena in Pune. He said that they are in power. They should do something about the inflation rates instead of taking out a Morcha. He spoke about how Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis insulted the Opposition by calling them Beiman (unscrupulous). Ajit Pawar also alleged that during last Winter Session, for every query, the present government had said that we have just come into power, give us time and we’ll rectify the problems. However even after 13 months, no problems have been solved.