Published On : Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Cinemax Eternity Mall with falling standard

Management eyes at earning money only, but lacks meeting cine-goers’ satisfaction

Cinemax Eternity Mall
Cinemax Eternity Mall in the city has become hot-spot for youths, symbolizing the concept of developed entertainment culture of metro city. It claims of catering to the satisfaction of film-watchers of West and South Nagpur, but practically it lacks in providing necessary facilities, some of which put the late-night show-watchers in a risky situation while leaving the theatre. Some of its worth criticizing irregularities are as follows:

People happen to almost stumble down
There are several families including children who visit Cinemax for late-night show of 9.30 pm every day, considering that they will get healthy entertainment and safe leaving of theatre by 12 am or so. When people leave theatre and climbed down the descending steps by 12 am or so, they face darkness on steps only to stumble and fall. It is because the Cinemax staff puts off the lights of steps. Even those who are required to use the ‘escalator’ (automatic stairs) have to face risk due to insufficient light, and falling down has become a regular incident.

Lift for parking insufficient
There is only one lift, and so, the cine-goers have to stand in queue to reach the parking slot, wasting a lot of time. Those, who cannot wait for long time, are required to leave their families in dark and struggle to reach Parking-1 or Parking-2 to take their vehicles out. Such an unwanted exercise because of mismanagement in Mall spoils the joy of watching a movie.

Women guards are not found in late-night shows
Women security guards are noticed in the beginning of late-night show, but they are not seen at the end of show. In the name of security guard only one guard is noticed, that too at the ground floor.

Mall, a den of eve-teasers and flirts
Eternity Mall, with its restaurant and other places, has become a den for eve-teasers and flirts. Even the size of crowd of young boys and girls becomes unimaginable. If guessed, all youths of the city, escaping raids in public places, such as, parks and gardens, etc, assemble at the Mall. Such guys have so much influence by the power their money that security guards and other staffers of Mall are seen at their desired service.