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    Published On : Fri, Dec 25th, 2015
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    Christmas Wishes#Let’s pray for those homeless on Nagpur streets


    Nagpur: As the air fills the atmosphere with chilly bouts of winds, celebration galore in the social arena of the city. The festive folks are all set to soak in the Christmas festivities along with delicacies of all types. Be it plum cakes, mouth watering pastries or the soulfully decorated Christmas tree in the dazzling comfort of the homes. And the festive spirit floats alike among the self-sufficient and the needy, homeful and homeless as well

    As Nagpur Today took a look on the winter laden streets of the city, it spotted a true embodiment of caress and smile that captured everyone’s attention. At a busy corner of Shankar Nagar square a woman with a toddler in her lap was selling Santa masks and caps. She appeared like an angel landed the planet to paint the city in red. Unscatched by the pinching temperatures, she was warmly welcoming the passersby, insisting for the purchase. The woman was also accompanied by another elderly woman.

    She must be in her teens but bearing the responsibility of motherhood at the tender age was not justified. Nothing much to cover and protect from the cold, she appeared prompt in her duty. “I can give you this mask for 150 bucks”, she insisted smilingly. Upon a little negotiation, she agreed to settle at 120 bucks.

    When asked where she hailed from, the misery popped up into her eyes as if narrating the entire ordeal without uttering a word. Yes the ordeal that comes with poverty. She did not really say so! It turned out that they are migrants who landed the city to make some petty Christmas sale just to eke out the living. They are homeless of course!! But the gentle smile that she wore, covered up all the hardships she must have gone through.

    The woman selling Santa caps, painting the busy city square red and giving a festive touch to the shivering cold streets, is not the exception. There are many like her who struggle through the season’s attack, bearing the cold, homeless and hungry, living in various corners of the city.

    This Christmas, let’s not only pray for those who really need the basics to survive but also try our bit to atleast add few moments of smile to their much harder lives. Let’s spread the real message that Jesus loves to see it happening in action. A happiness shared only miltiplies the count of smiles.
    Nagpur Today wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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