Published On : Thu, Dec 25th, 2014

Christmas celebrated by Christian brethren in city with religious fervor

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: While many Christian brethren chose to attend the late night Christmas mass, the majority of them attended the early morning Christmas mass/ service on December 25, 2014.

At the Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Church, the midnight mass was attended by all the nuns, brothers and believers.

DSC_0126At the All Saints’ Cathedral, the Christmas service was led by Reverend Satish Nanda, while Deacon Amin Kalwale and Reverend Anand Michael assisted him in the service. After the rendition of various melodious carols by the choir, Reverend Satish Nanda spoke to a jam-packed congregation and expounded about what Christmas means to the Christians today. Does it mean more than the commercial implications that it carries or does Christ gets to take birth in their lives so that they can live and personify Jesus Christ in their day to day life and display the teachings of Jesus through their words and actions.

Reverend Nanda explained about the circumstances that existed before the birth of Christ. He explained how the shepherds who were regarded as the downcast and lowest in the caste system existing then. He went to add how they were the first to receive the good news of the birth of a savior. The shepherds were followed by wise men or kings who were great astrologers and had followed a star which pointed to the birth place of Christ. King Herod who ruled the region, when he came to know about the birth of a king, a savior, he got enraged and how he had destroyed all the first born baby boys causing great pain and anguish to all mothers. However, Christ escaped his evil plans since, Joseph and Mary, led by the Angels had escaped out of Jerusalem (where Christ was born).

DSC_0081 (1)Christmas is a time for the Christians to celebrate. This is a day when the faithful spend the day with their families, close relatives and friends. Most ladies who had been slogging for the past few days making cakes and cookies get the pleasure of distributing them to their friends and relatives.

Kids get to enjoy delicacies, cakes and cookies the entire month.


Samuel Gunashekran 

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