Published On : Sun, Jun 14th, 2015

Chill N Grill: Latest Destination during the weekends for youngsters and family

Nagpur: The latest haunt where both the youngsters and family members can chill-out is the Chill-N-Grill Restro & Lounge at the Poonam Arcade, Residency Road, Sadar.

Put together by Ajay and Shilpy Bhagdi, Chill N Grill introduces to the citizens of Nagpur, a multi-faceted experience of dance, music, dining and enjoying the fellowship of loved ones.

gril1A place to shake a leg or two!


Chill N Grill offers the perfect haunt for the chill-out youngsters who would like to let their hair down and forget about everything else and enjoy shaking a leg or two, they can enjoy one of the most well equipped dance-floor complete with the strobe-lights and the ambience. With a separate smoking zone, where patrons can go and have a puff or two, Chill N Grill is equipped with a separate enclosure with good interiors and good exhaust fans that blow away the smoke without causing inconvenience to non-smokers (Innovative indeed). The perfect ambiance of Chill N Grill, along with the music, striking interiors in a sound proof area allows for the best dancing experience for the youngsters.


gril6Chill N Grill is certainly a joint where one can go with their partners, friends and family and enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences and would certainly come back for more again and again. One of its kind haunts in Nagpur for regular- party lovers.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Ajay and Shilpy Bhagdi said that they are planning to start a theme for each day of the week.

  • Every Monday will be Karaoke Night. (For those who would like to sing along)
  • Every Tuesday will be Rock-Music Night. (For those who enjoy Rock music)
  • Every Wednesday will be Ladies Martini Night (When ladies can come and enjoy a drink or two).
  • Every Thursday will be Thirsty Thursday. (Special happy hour and discount offers)
  • Every Friday will be Commercial Music Night. (With DJ playing music for youngsters to enjoy dance)
  • Every Saturday will be Retro-Saturday Night. (For the Retro-loving crowd)
  • Every Sunday will be Fun Day. (For those who want to enjoy fellowship of family and friends together).


gril5Stylish restaurant resplendent with mouth-watering delicacies

Chill N Grill offers a stylish restaurant providing comfortable dining in smart surroundings at Poonam Arcade, Sadar where one can enjoy some of the most mouth watering delicacies while enjoying the unobtrusive background music chosen to compliment the delicious food.

Chill N Grill offers global cuisines to excite your taste buds like never before. One often finds it difficult to select from the wide gamut of offerings from Indian, Mughal, Chinese, Continental and Grilled Food. Chill N Grill offers dishes that tickle the taste buds and appeals to the mood of the moment.

Right from the starters to the main course followed by platters and desserts, the delectable food gets one will certainly get hooked lock-stock and barrel.

Chill N Grill offers group bookings for parties and welcome all those who want to celebrate some occasion. Whatever the occasion, Chill N grill invites Nagpur citizens to come and celebrate with them. They assure of an extraordinary and fun memorable experience.

Sky High Roof top Experience

Spread lavishly across 5000 square feet, Sky High is a restaurant, based on the theme of “timelessness – where things that never go out of vogue”. Chill N Grill offers an open air, Sky high experience designed to be sensorial, shifting moods through the day and the spaces, romancing the sun, the moon and the sky. Chill N Grill aims at redefining the dining experience to make their guests feel on top of the world.

gril2Sky High View is a lounge space that has open to sky seating and the best spot for catching the last rays of the sun. When you are in the mood for snaky, light and yet something that is truly special…

Sky High Dine a fine dining experience set against a water body and elements that are a perfect accent for a relaxed and well prepared meal. A combination of Indian, Chinese, Continental and Grilled Food and Muglai dishes to tickle your taste buds

Sky High Mix a space buzzing with energy and a range of signature cocktails that creates a new experience for Nagpur.

Sky High Edge a private dining special place for special occasions with smaller table seating around.


gril3Gamut of cocktails and mock tails to select from…

Besides the exotic food, Chill N Grill also offers a fine selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their bartenders are experts in preparing superb cocktails and mock tails of the patron’s choices.

No matter what your liquor of choice, Chill N Grill has a wide range to select from.

One can find top shelf choices in liquor and super cocktails dreamt up by their Bar Team from around the world.

Taking pride in its handcrafted fresh fruit cocktails and molecular mixology Chill N Grill offers classic favorites or Skyye specials. Skyye Signature cocktails are on offer in two exciting ranges – “Skyye–o-Tinis” and “Long Night Skyye” – which are made out of innovative combinations of liquors, liqueurs, herbs, fruits and juices.

Law-abiding and patron-welfare

Ajay and Shilpy Bhagdi told Nagpur Today that they are going to offer certain facilities for their patrons which no one has offered yet in the city. They will ensure that their patrons will not be allowed to drive home in their own vehicles. A Hotel car would drop them so that their patron do not violate traffic laws and drive drunk on the city roads. They claimed that they do not want anything untoward to happen to their valuable patrons