Published On : Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015

Chief Justice of India awards LLD to Dr S M Rajan

LLD (3)

One of the most noted Lawyer, Outstanding Aca­demician, Director-cum-Principal of Central India College of Law Dr Mukundarajan fondly known as Dr SM Rajan who is a well known personal­ity in the field of law, was awarded Post-Doctoral Degree of Doctor of Law (LLD) by the Chanakya National Law University, Patna for his research project on Constitutional Law. His thesis was titled ‘Constitutional Validity of Ninth Schedule under Indian Constitution Critique’. Chief Justice of India H L Dattu had conferred LLD to Dr S M Rajan in a convocation ceremony held in Patna on February 14, 2015. Dr Rajan is the only person in the entire central India to be awarded Post-Doctoral Degree of Doctor of Law (LLD).

Dr. S M Rajan carried out his research under the Vice-Chancellor of Chanakya National Law University Prof Dr A Laxminath. Dr Rajan is also recipient of many other degrees including Ph.D in Law from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University.

The prominent among those present were Supreme Court Judge Justice Shiva Kirti Singh, Chief Justice of High Court and Chancellor of Univer­sity Narsimha Reddy, Judge of Patna High Court Ajay Kumar Tripathi, Advocate General Ram Balak Mahoto, Chairman of BC M K Mishra, Former Supreme Court Judge Bharukha and others.

Dr Rajan said that his research Included Constitutional Judgments, Constituent Assembly Debates, Legislations and Amendments. While explaining his various achievements, Dr Rajan said that he has a vast experience of hav­ing taught the students of law on various subjects of law for over a decade and the RIMNU’s Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law. He claimed that he has also been visiting/ guest faculty to sev­eral institutions including the National Fire Service College (Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of lndia), Rajeev Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Govt. of India), S P College of Law, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar College and Centre for Labour and Social Research and St Charles Seminary, Nagpur. He has also been selected by Chanakya Law University Patna for LLD Course with research proj­ect of Constitutional Law.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Dr S M Rajan said that one of the anathema in our country is the lack of speedy justice. He claimed that speedy justice is our fundamental right. We are denied our fundamental right of speedy justice because of

  1. Lack of Proper and sufficient Infrastructural facilities like courtrooms.
  2. Inadequate number of judges.

While speaking about some of the cases and the urgent need to review some of the laws, revamping them and amending them, he said that Prime Minister has recently asked the law ministry to review the laws and the obsolete laws should be scrapped. According to Dr Rajan there are more than 1500 laws that have become obsolete and needs to scrapped.

LLD (1)
While answering to another question, he said that there is a need for the Judiciary to review the age of a juvenile before deciding the crime. The criminal intent and the actual commission of crime is also be perused before passing a judgment or showing leniency for being juvenile.

While answering a query as to why the recommendations of many commissions which are constituted to investigate or study a particular case is never accepted, Dr Rajan said that India has National and State Law Commissions. They can send their recommendations, but accepting them and enforcing them is the prerogative of the National or State Law Commissions. It is their discretion whether to accept and enforce the entire recommendations or some part of it.

While answering to another query on the misuse of many provisions of laws like 428 A, or law for self defense, Dr Rajan said that right from the police-station to the courts, Police officials and Judges ought to be very careful and should investigate thoroughly before sentencing or acquitting a criminal.

Dr Rajan has an in-depth knowledge of Law and various other Acts. He urges the younger generation to pursue knowledge for a better life. He said that the youngsters must know some of the basic laws and their own rights. However, he added that with the rights come the duties too. One should perform the role of a good citizen. Dr Rajan said that while the advancement in communication systems and the gadgets that provide a faster communication system, one should be very careful in using them. One could get cheated or conned by unscrupulous elements or one could get land in jail for misusing these gadgets.

Dr Rajan, while speaking about the programme when he was conferred with LLD, he said that the Chief Justice H L Dattu in his speech had said that for achieving success in life, the Head Master of his school had advised them to strictly adhere to 3-H rule in life.

First       H-Hard-work

Second   H-Honesty and

Third      H- Humility

The Chief Justice had claimed that he had strictly adhered to them which have helped him become the Chief Justice of India.