Published On : Fri, Oct 21st, 2016

Chartered Accountancy promises Great Prospects for Girl Students!


Nagpur: Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI jointly with LAD College, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur, recently organised one Career Counselling Programme on “Career of a Girl as a C.A.”. The program was for the benefit of girl students of senior college of commerce stream. The program was presided over by the HOD Karkare.

CA. Abhijit Kelkar, Regional Council Member, WIRC & Chairman of the Career Counselling Committee of the WIRC of ICAI, in his remarks, applauded the efforts of the Nagpur Branch of ICAI, for organizing such programs and effectively guiding the students at right juncture. He shared his experiences as regards achievements of students belonging to economically backward fray, who are leading lives successfully after qualifying as Chartered Accountants. He informed the students present that the Institute is the second largest in the world and it promises to ensure loads of enjoyable work load after getting duly qualified.

CA. Swapnil Ghate, Chairman of the Nagpur Branch of ICAI, in his unique style appealed to the students present, to decide effectively. He very effectively stated that even when a student who joins the course and if for one or the other reason, doesn’t qualify, she always will enjoy an upper edge as compared to other student friends. He also shared one example of a student, where inspite of heavy economical crisis, CA Course was being pursued by the student. He appealed to decide favourably to do the course, as in future, the qualification is going to have upper edge in the finance world.

CA. Kirit N. Kalyani, Chairman, WICASA and Career Counselling Committee of the Nagpur Branch of the ICAI, sincerely thanked the college authorities to allow the Institute through the Career Counselling Committee, to interact with the student friends. He informed, that the girl students are having majority amongst the total students pursuing the course. He could not resist sharing the surprise element that the girl students belonging to the LAD College are not found prominently to pursue such a prominent course. He effectively addressed the gathering and shared in very crystal clear terms that after getting duly qualified, the student can fulfil all her dreams in life, even with a Nil or Negative balance in the bank account. CA Kirit, in lighter vein, he appealed to the energetic students of the college to choose to have esteemed prefix `CA’ along with the implied prefix of `Smt.’ after marriage. He also informed to lend all possible help through the Nagpur Branch of ICAI, to ensure compliance of all necessary formalities to pursue the course, smoothly and effectively.

CA Rashmi Khandelwal, young and dynamic member of the Institute, led the session as regards Course Curriculum with her unique convincing style. She was able to strike the chords of students present and made them think about the promising career as a CA. Her style of deliberation made the session very interactive. She used the powerpoint to inform the students present with the details regarding roadmap to become a Chartered Accountant. She also shared the formalities to be observed for getting duly registered for the CA Course. Various training programme as IT Course, Orientation Program, GMCS Program, etc., enable a student to achieve all round growth, she informed. CA Rashmi, duly motivated the students by nicely singing famous lines being `tootah tootah ek parinda’.

CA Kavita Loya, past Chairperson of the Nagpur Branch of ICAI and active member of Nagpur Branch of ICAI, lent due grace to the occasion. She, shared her words of knowledge and wisdom on the occasion. She guided the students as regards the importance of CA in the world of finance. To enable the students present to have due knowledge of the prospects after becoming a CA, she made due comparision of a CA with a doctor and effectively conveyed that a CA is a doctor for the world of finance. She further added that a CA takes care of financial health of an entrepreneur and helps management to take decisions effectively and timely. She being a lady and having effectively led the Nagpur Branch previously, appealed to manage with all temporary hurdles in life and choose to become a CA and consequently great master of own destiny.

Prof. Vandana Kawadkar, took due efforts to coordinate the event and make the event successful. More than 160 girl students, were prominently present on the occasion. Prof. John Sir coordinated the program and proposed formal vote of thanks, as well.