Published On : Thu, Nov 6th, 2014

Change face of Nagpur on the lines of Surat to prevent Dengue outbreak, HC directs idle NMC


Ultimately, the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court took note of rampant Dengue spread in the city when the matter was before it through a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). The High Court directed the Health Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation to submit a detailed report on the measures it has initiated to eradicate Dengue mosquito larvae within seven days. At the same time, the Court has advised the NMC to change the ‘Surat’ (face) of Nagpur on the lines of Surat City of Gujarat. The context of Surat advise was in the backdrop of the devastation the deadly plague disease had caused in the Gujarat city. Thereafter, Surat was transformed into one of the most cleanest ever cities in India.

The PIL was filed after the petitioner found an empire of filth and garbage near Sanchayani Complex in Khamla. Heaps and heaps of garbage, waste and filth are lying at the spot. Sewer and gutter lines are filled to the brim and overflowing following dumping of construction material in the nearby places. Water in the Nallah is stagnant leading to filth and foul smell. All these places and conditions are turning an excellent breeding ground for Dengue and malaria mosquitoes and thus posing a grave threat to lives of residents, said the PIL and urged the High Court to issue directives to NMC for coming clean on the issue.

“The NMC has totally failed to prevent spread of Dengue and malaria as the civic body lacked specific machinery and drugs to eradicate mosquito larvae. The city has turned into heaps of garbage due to non-availability of covered trucks or other vehicles for lifting and carrying the garbage,” claimed the PIL.

The hearing on the PIL was held before the Division Bench of Justice Bhushan Gavai and Justice Vinay Deshpande. The judges observed that in the year 2012, 231 dengue patients were found and later 260 patients in 2013. Thousands of Dengue and malaria patients are being found this year, observed the judges and directed the NMC to file a detailed report stating the number of patients died and the steps taken to control the disease.

Take example of Surat:
The High Court said that the Prime Minister has launched “Swachch Bharat” Campaign. This venture is really appreciable. However, the NMC is not taking the “Swachch” campaign seriously. Some years back, Surat city in Gujarat was very dirty that caused outbreak of deadly plague disease. However, after 1995, the Municipal Corporation worked hard and transformed Surat as the cleanest city. NMC should follow the example of Surat so that Nagpur too emerges as the clean city. Moreover, the civic body can seek help of experts in the field, said the High Court.

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