Published On : Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

Chaitanya returns home safely, rescued by police from Khapa, all 4 accused arrested

d264143-largeNagpur: Chaitanya Ashtankar, son of teacher couple who was abducted from Sonegaon was safely rescued from the jaws of abductors. Police have arrested four accused in this case. Chaitanya was found in the forests of Badegaon under Khapa police station limit.

Sources informed that 14-year-old Chaitanya was kidnapped for ransom. His parents have breathed a huge sigh of relief after he safely returned home on late Friday night.

The accused are natives of Chaitanya”s mother Sunanda”s village. According to sources, fresh information from Chaitanya”s family provided some vital clues to police after a 24-hr long wild goose probe. Cops talked with his father Subhash on Friday. The questioning lasted for nearly two hours. Chaitanya”s mother and other relatives were also questioned.

On Friday noon, they first got some clue. A team was sent to Saoner. Cops laid a trap and arrested the accused.

It is pertinent to note here that Chaitanya was kidnapped right from the front of his residence on Wednesday.

According to police sources his classmates have seen the abductors, who first ascertained Chaitanya’s identity before lifting him. It is learnt that the kidnappers were hovering around Chaitanya’s residence in Popular Colony for nearly three to four days before abduction.

chaiChaitanya was the student of Std 9 in Mt Fort School. As usual he went out of the bus on Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, a silver van came near to him. On the front seat of the van, three men were seated including driver while 2-3 persons were seated on the rear seat.

One of them came out of the van and asked the location of Wardhaman Nagar from Chaitanya’s classmate. When he replied in ‘no’ he rushed to Chaitanya and grabbed him. In no time he forcefully took Chaitanya into the van and they ran away from the scene.

Chaitanya’s friend immediately informed his mother about the incident, who rushed to Chaitanya’s house. She narrated the incident to Chaitanya’s sister Gayatri. It was Gayatri who informed her father Subhash and mother Sunanda about the incident, following which a complaint was filed with police.

Sources informed that the kidnappers don’t want to take any risk of committing error, hence they first ascertained Chaitanya’s identity by coming close to him on pretext of asking address.