Published On : Mon, Jul 21st, 2014

Centre Point ties up with Ensaara Metropark for new school

Centrepoint Ensaara School - picNagpur News : World class education meets premium real estate, as the Centre Point group of schools ties up with Ensaara Metropark to launch the Centre Point School Ensaara in Nagpur. This will be the 6th campus of Centre Point School. The school will also incorporate state-of-the-art early childhood centre – Mother’s Pet Kindergarten. The Centre Point group and Ensaara are jointly coming up with a new school at Ensaara Metro park, informed Director of Centre Point group of schools ,Arun Upadhyaya at a press conference held at Centre point hotel on July, 21, 2014.

The Centre Point group, comprising of 5 premier educational institutions of Nagpur was conceptualized in 1988 by Aruna Upadhyaya and Arun Upadhyaya, its founding directors. The school is a manifestation of their visionary zeal of providing quality education to children in a student-friendly ambience. This will be the 6th campus of Centre Point School.
Arun Upadhya of Centre Point group of schools, informed that school will operational 2016. It will be a state of the art school with about 8 acres of land allotted for the school and much scope extra-curricular activities. It will be a totally green school with less heat load requirement.

Centre Point School Ensaara is spread across 8 acres, will accommodate 2000 students. An architectural masterpiece in terms of both design and functionality, the school structure has been developed in harmony with the climate of Nagpur and its environs. Using passive environmental control methods and green building principles, the school offers its students maximum comfort levels, informed Arun Upadhyaya.

Sanjay Kothari of Ensaara speaking with the media said that we are very passionate to bring a world class school with good infrastructure and state of the art facility and also facilitate community building. Ensaara will be the best city to ever build in central India. It will have swimming pools, skating grounds, tennis lawns and many other outdoor activities.
Giving details of how the school will be an outstanding initiative Sanjay Kothari of Ensaara explained that Research has indicated that light enables the mind to be more attentive and to function effectively to achieve excellence. Therefore, all the classrooms are north-facing for maximum glare-free light. Strategically-placed corridors act as buffer spaces, absorbing the heat off the south.
There are electronic boards in every class, junior and senior ICT labs, libraries, math lab, language lab, social studies lab and science lab, botanical garden, art, craft, music rooms, swimming pools, skating rink, basketball courts, badminton courts, cricket pitch, tables for table tennis, spacious auditorium and conference halls. These are just some of the school’s excellent features, he added.

Aruna Upadhya, Director of Centre Point group of schools, expressing her happiness said, “ I am thrilled and very excited. I find myself 36 years back when I started mother’s pet. With same vision we will be providing the service in this new initiative with nothing lacking in the facilities.

She further added that Emphasis will be laid on developing the Social Quotient – SQ and the ‘Joy’ Quotient – JQ, alongwith the IQ. The inbuilt ethos is to create a space that encourages progressive discovery and fosters high achievement, aspiration, self-esteem and pure optimism.

The press conference was addressed by Deepak Vasandani and Tarun Hundiani, Directors Aanya Group, Sanjay Kothari, CEO, Luxora Infrastructure Private Ltd, Arun Upadhaye and Aruna Upadhaye, Founder Directors of Centre Point Group of Schools, Dr Jai Rajwade and Radhika Rajwade, Directors Centre Point Group of Schools. And Shiv Rao was also prominently present during the conference .