CBI should investigate the mess made by contractor in supplying poor quality fire-wood to crematoriums

Vikas Thakre demands Chief Minister to initiate CBI investigation into the matter

: City Chief of Congress Party and Leader of Opposition in NMC has through a written letter to Chief Minister demanded the investigation into the mess made by contractor or supplier in supplying poor quality fire-wood to crematoriums by an independent investigating organization like Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) or by Enforcement Directorate (ED). Vikas Thakre had also requested a meeting with the Chief Minister to discuss on this issue.

It is interesting to note that this person who has been raising this issue for years together has all the documentary evidence against the contractor or the supplier. a It is now topic for discussions among some circles as to why is Vikas Thakre hesitating in taking the matter to the Courts.


Vikas Thakre is also said to be angry and disturbed by the person who was instrumental in spreading exaggerated and wrong news about the news of Vikas Thakre and Naru Jichkar at the Nagpur Airport a few days ago. This issue raised by Vikas Thakre is said to be concerning that person who has tried to defame him.

Vikas Thakre informed Chief Minister through the written letter that the contract for supplying wood to crematoriums was given to M/s Mahesh Sales Corporation. An audit into the accounts of wood supplied between the years from 2011 to 2013 was conducted. Several irregularities and misappropriation has came to fore in the audit report.

The faults that came to fore include:

  1. Excess firewood than the ordered quantity was purchased.
  2. Only one supply contractor applied for the tender which was approved and finalized.
  3. The personnel stationed at Crematoriums were pressurized to quote more quantity as requirement in order to favour the contractor to supply more firewood.
  4. Proper accounts were not maintained for the wood purchased.
  5. The citizens who come to cremate their dead were supplied wet firewood.
  6. Payments were received by the firewood supply contractor on many receipts with the same receipt numbers.
  7. Accounts show firewood being supplied to Dighori Crematorium when firewood was never supplied to Dighori Crematorium.
  8. NMC had to incur loss by supplying wet- firewood and Gobri (Cow-dung cakes) for cremating the dead.

The issue was raised in the General Body Meeting by Vikas Thakre on May 3, 2016. On earlier occasions too, the issue was raised and Mayor had ordered for a case of cheating to be filed in the police station against the erring firewood supply contractor. However no case has been filed in any police station by NMC for reasons best known to the authorities.

The partners of the firm M/s Mahesh Sales Corporation is said to be Nitin Fuke and Mahesh Barange. The address of the firm and the surname of one of the partners is the same as that of an Independent Corporator who has the support of BJP ruling party.

Vikas Thakre has demanded that an investigation be carried out by an independent investigation agency like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or by Enforcement Directorate (ED). Thakre also informed the house that a Delegation of Congress Party would meet Chief Minister to get the investigation done. Vikas Thakre has demanded that a detailed investigation be conducted into the firewood scam and to consider the firm black-listed.

City Chief of Congress Party Vikas Thakre also wanted the investigation agency to probe where the money went after it went into the account of the contractor.

It is still a big question as to why Vikas Thakre is hesitant in approaching the Courts when he has all the documentary evidence to prove the irregularities of the Supply contractor of firewood.

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By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha

– By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha