Caught in Camera : Man in khakhi pees off in open teasing ‘swachh bharat’ drive

A traffic policeman was caught on camera peeing out in open, literally, mocking at Swachh Bharat. An alert Nagpurian sent Nagpur Today an image that exposed the perennial problem that stares the face of Nagpur city, a “Smart City” in the making.

The fatty policeman, posted at Dhantoli Post near Yeshwant Stadium, around 2.10 pm on Monday coolly came out and relieved himself openly at the wall very close to his posting. The peeing policeman could have walked a distance of few metres and responded to the nature’s call at nearby Sulabh Shauchalaya. But he created a heck of a scene. An alert citizen captured the disturbing image in his mobile phone and exposed the mockery of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Of course, Nagpur is not the only place where such problem of permanent nature exists.

Nagpur City is “Smart City” in the making. This is high time now for us to avoid our senseless attitude and become a more responsible citizen.