Published On : Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

Cafe Durga – For All Your Coffee Cravings! (Yes The Pune One!)

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Cold coffee anyone? Only Rs. 25. Cold coffee with ice cream? Rs. 40. Hot coffee? Rs. 20 (in a decent sized cup).

All coffee connoisseurs of Nagpur know that you cannot get a better offer for coffee than this! In the cafes around town, even the newly sprouted ones, a mug of ‘medium’ coffee will cost Rs. 50 upwards – going up to even Rs. 100/-.

It is not just the coffee that comes at such attractive pricing.
Believe it or not, this is one place that offers plain dosa at Rs. 20 and wada – sambar, at Rs. 30/-

We did not try out these, though we did savour misal pav – Rs. 20/ – and pav bhaji at Rs. 40/-. Both dishes were spicy, tasty and more importantly, in sufficient quantity.

How can they afford this? You will ask. It must be a new experiment and will close down – or they will hike up prices soon.

This is guaranteed to not happen. Because Durga Cafe, Nagpur, is not a stand alone cafe on Ring Road Nagpur. It is part of a very successful franchisee chain that has outlets in Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad etc. In fact Nagpur’s cafe is their 34th outlet.

As Yogesh Deshpande, the proprietor of Nagpur Durga Cafe that opened just last week, was telling us so, the trio sitting at the next table and were privy to our talk piped in – ” yes, we are from Pune too! Have just arrived in Nagpur and were going to our relatives’ place – saw Durga Cafe on the way and couldn’t resist stopping for a bite.” ( They had uttapas).

“We go to Durga all the time in Pune and can attest that this is the taste we get there also!”

What more could a restaurant want than candid certification from a first time customer?

But don’t take our word, or this Pune customer’s word – go check out Durga yourself!

At such attractive prices, you can try out ALL their dishes.

What’s more, they have Home Delivery too. Free for a radius of 2 Kms.

You can order all the dishes we named plus Pohe, Maggie, Veg Pulao and some other dishes too.


Shop No. 3, Mahesh Apartments, Dindayal Nagar, Ring Road, Nagpur.