Businessman in Kanhan makes a public road his pvt property, builds complex on it but no action taken!

This, Nagurians and NT readers is a great example of ‘fearless innovation’ and bold entrepreneurship. We should take a leaf out of Mr. Madnani, who owns an electronics shop in Kanhan.

If your shop or business place is under threat of demolition since it is ‘on the highway’ don’t worry! Just ‘take over’ the ‘inner road’ which connects to the Highway in front and build on it. He himself did just that – built a three storeyed building which will definitely be ‘inaugurated’ by some VIP politician soon!!

It has been brought to the notice of Nagpur Today by some concerned citizens of Kanhan that for almost 50 years there existed a wide public road that connected inner localities to Highway Number 7 that goes through Kanhan. In many Government records it is shown as a ’20 feet wide road’. It is near the Jawaharnagar and Hanumannagar localities of Kanhan.

Since many years, shop keepers and home owners on the two sides of the road began encroaching on the road bit by bit and finally it was reduced to being a 12 feet road.

Meanwhile, authorities got very strict about any encroachment on the highway, since it is an important National Highway that sees a lot of running traffic and they were warned that they would be removed, if they do not move voluntarily.

Madnani had a shop selling cell phones and such which was illegally on the very edge of the highway and would have to go.

So he decided to ‘move to the side road’ and free the highway as an act of patriotism.

Overnight he dug up the whole road for the foundation of his new building.

When citizens objected, he threatened them with dire consequences.

People went and lodged complaints with Municipal Corporation of Kanhan, specifically with a Junior Engineer of PWD. There was no reaction at all. Then people guessed that all concerned officials had ‘been taken care of’ and were not going to intervene.

Meanwhile, work on the buidling proceeded swiftly and smoothly. In months a 3 storyered buidling was ready and now even shutters are being put on shop fronts.

When no action was being taken by officials, citizens of Kanhan came to Nagpur Today with their complaints.

When Nagpur Today forwarded the grievance to Chief Executive Officer Balasaheb Tedhe, and asked him why action had not been taken yet,he agreed he had received a complaint to this effect from some people.

But his excuse for inaction was that he had deputed an assistant called Mahato to do ‘spot survey’ and submit a report. As soon he receives the report and finds genuine ‘encroachment’ he will take action.

Mahato, we learned, is on the job of spot assessment since January 13th – over 5 weeks ago.

We wonder, has he not located the ‘spot’ yet, or not located the ‘building’ yet or does not know how to judge whether it has legal sanction to be there or not… may be since it does not exist any more, he does not see signs of the road that was??? But is no more now ofcourse…RIP road, is all we can pray!

(Madnaniji, please do invite us for your opening… we admire your spirit).