Published On : Mon, Jun 6th, 2016

Burning coal in WCL’s open mine puts lives of miners, others in peril

Burning coal in WCL Mine
A Mazri-based open coal mine of WCL is proving to be life threatening to people residing nearby it. The huge quantity of coal kept in open at Naglone mine is often found burning and emitting toxic gases and smoke. The people and the miners are breathing the toxic stuff right from the sunrise to dawn instead of fresh air. Last year, WCL had shut down the underground mine number 3 and Naglone mine in Mazri colliery. Later the mines were converted into Naglone Open Mine which is just 500 meters away from Mazri.

The contract to excavate earth and coal has been given to a private firm. This firm is excavating coal in thousands of tonnes per day and dumping it at open place near the mine. The coal is divided in four huge heaps which are on fire. The burning coal is emitting toxic gases and smoke for 24 hours. Moreover, mining and transporting the vast tonnage of coal creating significant hazards, both to workers and the public. The dust generated during transportation is getting spread and settled down in Mazri town.

The air pollution from coal burning is putting the lives of people in peril. Although emissions of mercury and other toxic constituents in coal pose risks to health, it is the more conventional kinds of air pollution that are thought to create the largest health burdens in terms of heart and respiratory diseases. Of the air pollutants from coal burning, the major killer seems to be exposure to small particles. Inhaling small particles might cause heart disease, stroke, adverse pregnancy outcomes, IQ loss, and perhaps even diabetes. Admittedly, these disease effects seem to be neglected compared to direct effects on the respiratory system.

When contacted, the Area Personnel Manager Shegaonkar feigned ignorance about the burning coal and emission of toxic gases and smoke and said that he would soon discuss the issue with Area Manager.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )